Spring Festival Evening Party grassroots theme of the Chengdu office is the na
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Some time away from the Spring Festival, the cottage has been the topic of the Spring Festival Evening filed. Yesterday, grassroots movie to shoot the famous "Chengdu grassroots crew" Spring Festival Evening again raise the banner of grassroots --- 2011 show will continue to take the grass-roots network of routes, joint national users will be sharp and brother, and a series of Internet and media celebrities Xifeng into the Spring Festival Evening program, Spring Festival is called "entangled Spring Festival Evening." At present, Chengdu has been all over the Internet grass-roots crew issued "to battle" sea election cast. One bright spot: The party called "entangled" Spring Festival is a grass-roots this year take on a famous name, the grassroots are very early, "woven scarf," the. Last night, a "Notice to users nationwide letter" published in the grass-roots crew Chengdu Forum: "difficult to make a decision to organize 'tangled Spring Festival'." Why is it called "entangled Spring Festival"? "This year, the signature of friends, microblogging, BBS words that appear in the most tangled." Grass-roots crew chief director of Chengdu koko example: this year, most users had a tangled history of the Mid-Autumn National Day Holiday; users are not confused battle in full swing in 3Q know what the tangled uninstall; users to experience sharp burst and the Dragon tangle; netizen called transsexuals also called brother and sister still entangled ... ... Highlights II: The two sides jointly User "The grassroots show, and Taiwan and Shenzhen, friends to be involved!" Grass-roots crew chief director of Chengdu koko introduced this year, Taiwan's ETTV a special trip to Chengdu, for the crew to do the interview. User expectations of the Taiwan cross-strait co-organized the first grassroots Gala. By then, both sides will use users together in a special way to make a huge "Chinese knot." Crew members of the grass-roots Haoyue Chengdu, Shenzhen in Shenzhen formed grass-roots crew, to the time the crew will conduct grass-roots network connection Chengdu show. Highlight three: one early release program To make more interesting Spring Festival, the organizing committee will organize a flyover show, so users woven scarf wrapped his bridge to Chengdu serves on the scene, performing the process to publish through microblogging. At the same time, a full network of popular elements of the "entangled Spring Festival Evening" program single-baked: the opening of "whining Zula" honk and stick to the audience singing "dilemma", the network dance "embarrassing black stockings"; Xun Solo "cloud" , Allegro "slave group conflict", the guitar playing and singing "bib wrapped around people," Street Dance "where the annoying thing off", rap "due out! Properly it? "Dialogue," Bobo year show, "Magic" Heaven VS world "game" brother's tangled octopus choice "Dance" count you vicious, what ping ", the table singing" traffic jam Raiders ", acrobatic show" the lost through the . " At present, Chengdu has been all over the Internet grass-roots crew issued "to battle" sea election "Spring Festival Evening actor." Highlight four: Mascot: Smarter 2009 Spring Festival Evening of mascot is a pig roots strong, strong film crew shot the pig MV, 2010 年 grass is lonely panda mascot Spring Festival, the film crew shot this year, "Panda guardian to make the movie" are favorable, the mascot of 2011 to determine as a "horse of God." Directed by koko said he hoped to help create a 3D master model horse God.