Parents hyphenated name touted newborn
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At present, many neonatal artificial hyphenated name appears, that the father's name plus mother's surname. This is recently, the reporter from the just concluded census of the census officer that the computer entry work in artificial hyphenated bring some difficulties. Liu and Oscar are "80," as the only child with the child's name they want to have both names of two people, then give the child the name "Liu summer and winter." Now to give a child a few couples like hyphenated names, so, in the community census registration form will appear in the "Ho Lee's Ark," "Zhu Ge Yuchen" and many other man-made hyphenated name. "After the newborn's parents are the '80 'little young, most of them the pursuit of individuality, even the child's name also sought different." According to census definition and members of the community streets Albatron introduces, in addition to artificial hyphenated name, in their census also found that young parents to become more and more new baby a name diversified, or uncommon word choice, or from a witness the meaning of the name with, there are many excuses Italy, named in allusion. "The problem is, many uncommon words can not be entered in the computer, only way of entry by spelling." In this regard, relevant scholars believe that the child's name and placed on the child's parents, good wishes, but the name of the composition should be easy to avoid embarrassment and too rare a homonym of the word. Many rare characters can not be entered because the computer is bound to give children a learning experience for future inconvenience. The most obvious problems is the entrance of enrollment, many students each year because of rare words in the name of the temporary change your name before applying.