China Unicom the official version of Nokia market access Ming Moka Brown C7
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November 16 news, customized by China Unicom Nokia 3G star mocha brown C7 officially listed in the country today. It is the following iPhone4, China Unicom in the fourth quarter, another focus of the introduction of a 3G smart phone, the retail price of 3599 yuan. It is understood that, C7 mocha brown is the latest fashion model Nokia 3G smart phone, the Nokia N8 using exactly the same with Symbian 3 platform, built-in maps and Ovi Ovi software store, all network and other social networking sites, and Ovi mail Netease mail and so on. Explained that the relevant departments of China Unicom, China Unicom will be named this custom mobile phone mocha brown, mainly because only the customized version of the Nokia C7 Unicom to mocha brown color, and only this model enjoy Unicom calls subsidies. It is reported that Nokia is mocha brown C7 was November 12 Distribution in the country, and in the November 16 start, including 联通营业厅, mall stores Unicom, Unicom Huasheng Online Shopping Mall, and major cell phone store, etc., The sales channels throughout China Unicom, the retail price of 3599 yuan. It is reported that China Unicom to develop this model for the "0 purchase" and other contract plan will be released today. Currently, Nokia C7 Mocha Brown has been China Unicom as the "end of this year to focus on the promotion of 3G next year the strategic model", and this effort will be customized mobile phone after the iPhone subsidy contract plan.