China first tower called "Tower in Guangzhou"
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Guangzhou New TV Tower Construction Co., Ltd. 28, announced that 600 meters high, "China's first tower," named the Guangzhou New TV Tower "Guangzhou Tower." Previously, Guangzhou printing of the more popular name of the tower is the "waistline." Construction of Guangzhou New TV Tower Liang Shuo, general manager, said: "the 'Guangzhou' word as the new name of the main elements of tower, in line with conventional thinking and understanding of naming practices. 'Guangzhou Tower' one may not be the best, but certainly is one of the most neutral and objective, the most likely to be the name accepted by the majority. " Sun Yat-sen's creative team, according to statistics, the world's top ten of the tower height, more than 70% of the city named, for example Duolunduota, Sydney Tower, Oak Ranta, Dubai, Macau tower. According to "Guangzhou Tower" the city of Guangzhou Investment Group investor introduced to the collective wisdom for the Guangzhou New TV Tower to take a proper name, the group carried out three times Zhengminghuodong: extensive collection of folk named; commissioned the Guangzhou Daily Press Group in a global levy activists; invite the experts to carry out the name of creative activities. Recently, the Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Investment Group commissioned the Academy of Social Sciences and its affiliated institutions in opinion polls, according to previous Zhengminghuodong ranking and public opinion polls, "the Guangzhou Tower" to the fore. According to Liang Shuo, the "Guangzhou Tower" is located in Guangzhou City, the new city axis intersection with the axis of the Pearl River, north of Pearl River, 600 meters high, is the first high tower. "Guangzhou Tower" will officially open Oct. 1 Ticket tourists. Indoor Tourist Office Tickets were 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 150 yuan three grades.