Clothing torchbearers announced the name Pride sheep flame were Chinese characte
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s After more than a year of meticulous preparation and design, fashion design series of the torch relay officially announced on 6 (as shown above, Wang Liang Chang). Torchbearers clothing called "arrogant sheep flame", taken from the "sheep" of creativity, the use of hollow gradients The core of the sheep and the Asian Games gold echo pattern, which means "good luck", clothing color chosen to represent the Chinese elements of red and yellow gradients, a symbol of the Asian Games torch burning and never extinguished. Guangzhou security team apparel Zeyi yellow-green tropical vegetation as the main colors, highlights the security team Dousou, upright spirit. The staff of the torch relay of the main color is blue clothes, joined the five sheep, flame, beads River and other elements. Represents the peace in Guangzhou were friendly personality, broad minded and tolerant.