" name about the website " one of series
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" name about the website " one of series
The website names need exquisite art
The activity signing a name that international lived in a net to initiate forum of a community recently (Bbs.homevv.com) , cause more intense every noise immediately, to this matter I have a lot of impressions, come to the friend that is written into series article and network group share jointly with communication ……
One, the meaning that the website names
What website name considers above all is the brand of the website. (for instance QQ, baidu, sina, sohu) a website name is a brand the mainest component. The website is undertaking brand design, brand is built in, want special be particular about to name art, choose a good brand name for the website.
Common saying says well: “ name is frame-up a word is not suitable, character does not arrange a thing to won't do. ” is same, to website operator, giving a website to have a good name also is a crucial link. The name rises well, the netizen remembers easily, plus other each operation link also had been done, website promotion is spruce sold, that makes famous brand quickly also. Saying “ website name so also is productivity ” fact had not been.
The name rises well, beautiful, resonant, make arrange the mouth, sound Orphean, individualize already, in harmony of as new as the times fashion, establish a brand good figure, be beneficial to stimulative website sale finally, can says is a profound knowledge. Can say, naming also is the investment that a kind of low devoted high yield gives, this one idea is being known from the place in the lesson by many operator today. Somebody thinks, for the investment that waits for hardware respect at technical equipment relatively, the website names it seems that footy. But, this link that looks ordinary often is the investment of very crucial brushstroke intangible assets, it not only return rate is head and shoulders above expect, and the vendibility that can affect tangible to throw greatly. Named science is reasonable, can make the whole of the enterprise invests play to give ultimate benefit to come.
The website of domestic and international well-known trademark such as “alibaba.com” , “tom.com” , “google.com” , “amazon.com” , “joyo.com” , its website name is not had do not have striking discriminative sex feature, stress oneself distinguishing feature adequately; Accept to what consumer agrees with place easily; Have higher culture additional cost. Present international household net also nots hesitate denounce weighs gold several yuan, face the whole nation to collect the name of community publicly, the likelihood still can collect the mark figure of its website community after, true it may be said one word a thousand pieces of gold. The successful big company on the world, it is to not have more do not value name this investment link. If the United States has a Petroleum Company to go out to accord with custom of world each district already for the design, accord with the name of each country law again, invite the expert of each respect, last a period of time cost more than 100000000 dollars 6 years to investigate 55 countries and area, from inside the 10 thousand many brand of the design the sieve singles out a brand finally, this is famous Aikesen (EXXON) , its brand value already amounted to about a hundred 100 million dollars nowadays. “SONY” of other such as, “ACER” name, also be the investment with huge brushstroke, of course, final redound also is rich and generous.
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