" name about the website " of series
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" name about the website " of series
The website names is systematic project
The activity signing a name that international lived in a net to initiate forum of a community recently (Bbs.homevv.com) , cause more intense every noise immediately, to this matter I have a lot of impressions, come to the friend that is written into series article and network group share jointly with communication ……
Named fallacy
It is very easy that ◆ names to the website, resemble the child its name
——— names is a rigor and the process that expends energy, normally, in find jural hundreds of names should consider before feasible name.
◆ knows when I hear this name is it
People says —— normally they can make a decision after hearing a name for the first time, actually, good name is strategical, need examines, test, promote and prove.
Ourselves investigated ◆ to go
Lawyer of —— intellectual property needs to make many investigation, ability does not have the name that conflicts to it certainly, remember next similar names. Naming is a need of tremendous risk —— name experiences the test of time and keep comes down.
◆ our burden does not have the test to the name
—— must use different careful technique to analyse the effectiveness of a name, in order to ensure the market that its meaning serves in place is of the front.
The character of an effective name
◆ significant —— the certain property that it communicated an enterprise to target market. It hopes to the action that prop up reachs since the figure that expression comes out to the enterprise.
Its extraordinary of ◆ unforgettable —— , and remember easily even, pronunciation and spelling. It can use divisional competitor, have oneself unique individual character.
◆ faces prospective —— it is located in the enterprise surely grow, over change and success, it is having broad antenna: Can allow a company easily outspread brand effect. It is standardization, can use at Internet, and have endurance.
The —— that ◆ can protect it can be proprietary, also can be registered to be brand, still belong to the domain that oneself belong to.
◆ is having openly meaning inside the market that active —— name serves in place, it each region markets do not have negative meaning.
The step that ◆ can inspect sexual —— name to be able to use originality very well and multimedia expression come out.
The website names is systematic project
A good name, it is the mental fortune with the permanent brushstroke that an an enterprise, website has. A website, once,want its name, label only registration book, had the exclusive access to this name. A good name can arouse people to associate goodly constantly, make its owner gets lash and be encouragemented, saying with its is a brand, be inferior to saying the skeletonize sign that is a spirit of enterprise.
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