" name about the website " of series
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" name about the website " of series
Choosing a domain name is the first pace that the website names
The activity signing a name that international lived in a net to initiate forum of a community recently (Bbs.homevv.com) , cause more intense every noise immediately, to this matter I have a lot of impressions, come to the friend that is written into series article and network group share jointly with communication ……
Play Internet Internet from me up to now, also calculate going up is an old network bug. Suddenly some day, each big news media 8 classics ground tells everybody, the Na Dongdong that we play does not call “ Internet ” so, and should call out for “ Internet ” . Then big Jing, that mood, should tell me than somebody popcorn should call Halike to want so absolutely complex much. Say “ Internet ” is a mistake again or it is non-standard at least, “ Internet ” just is correct. And “ Internet ” , can represent the technical name that the network interrelates as only, lose specific before sense from now on.
After all is “ Internet ” still “ Internet ” very good? Analytic “internet” , net points to a network originally, and Inter- of this prefix be willing is “ is together, the meaning of alternant ” . So, using what “internet” depicts a network to interrelate is again appropriate did not pass, and ” of its corresponding Internet of Chinese interpret “ is likewise special lifelike, exact. Actually those experts also “ allows ” we come with “ Internet ” “internet” of interpreter, appellation. But have the “Internet that change only, the” refers in particular to the network with current the most extensive whole world to interrelate, this is automatical in English, but “ Internet ” is remained when our interpreter becomes Chinese, , this can not cause how many different meanings. But experts say however, because be proper-noun, should transliterate free translation to combine ground interpreter to be “ Internet ” so. But I think this has really break appropriate. The Chinese character is typical ideograph, have very strong expression capacity, in material statement, vocabulary almost the sense that every Chinese character has his to decide. Translating only a few already broke without clear sense or original idea, need not when the outside person name of free translation, place name, just use transliteration. “Mr.Green” the interpreter is green gentleman, always let a person feel abrupt, comical, but as the “Internet” that has clear sense, if the interpreter is “ Internet ” , criterion among them an alone “ because ” and “ are special ” extremelying He Yiyi, original idea all is broken, and the characteristic of the Chinese character and glamour also are decreased greatly.
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