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[golden hill evening paper] “ names ” series report to had been 3 darling early or late to darling people named, it is good that the activity was drawn in the reader not only an enthusiasm, and, derivative still name ace not less. This not, yesterday, the citizen Zhang Deqin that lives in road of north of Nanjing peace and tranquility found a reporter, she says, had paid close attention to very much day " golden hill evening paper " the activity that names for darling, see golden home was opposite then yesterday lovely twin brother, she also does not sit, she thinks parents a few proposals, darling names must have exquisite.

Zhang Deqin says, she consulted a lot of data, the child that also gives many friends has taken a name, according to her experience summary, name should notice so a few square.

It is to avoid polyphone.

“ for instance ‘ alizarin red ’ this word, have two pronunciation, one reads ‘ on the west ’ , still one reads ‘ handsome ’ , still have ‘ bud ’ this word, can read ‘ times ’ , also can read ‘ to accompany ’ , these two words are girl name in particularly much, but polyphone of name inner tube, later the child is human when interacting special inconvenience, it is not clear that the person of strong recognition can be done what should call after all, still can be removed intentionally monicker, can make the child very afflictive. ”

The 2nd takes double name as far as possible namely, do not take single name, this is to avoid to repeat.

Say according to her, she remembers having a statistic special statistic passes, rate of single name heavy name is 67. 7 % , rate of double name heavy name is 32. 4 % . Accordingly, want to make the child's name special, had better not have single name.

The 3rd, the name had better not is the same as tonetic.

Tonetic be ignored very easily by parents. “ name had better not is the same as tonetic, for instance, haze of fine of Zhang Xiang river, Feng, Yuan Yunyu, these 3 words are tonetic the name that is the same as completely, read rise to feel awkward-sounding? Shenyang contains chapter, Sun Hanqing, read rise emphatic, much more Orphean. ” Zhang Deqin says.

A lot of parents hope the child's name is resonant, this “ is resonant ” returns phonic attune to concern with the pronunciation of the word actually, for instance “ holds smooth ” of ” , “ fine ” , “ , “ high roc ” , “ east the word of ” and so on is very resonant; “ amounts to ” , “ handsome ” , “ to precious jade the word such as ” , “ treasure ” , sonority is taller also.

The 4th, the name looks good-looking.

“ name wants good-looking, glyph structure is about to have change. Chosen word structure does not want too onefold, like ’ of Lv Changyan of ’ of ’ of garden of ‘ country garden, ‘ Lin Yanghua, ‘ these names are written rise drab, do not have vicissitudinous aesthetic feeling, because of glyph close, look very tired also. ”
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