Youth, does unripe darling still name by position in the family hierarchy?
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The ancients cloud: “ is granted child a thousand pieces of gold, be inferior to godchild one art; Godchild one art, be inferior to granting child. ” sees our Chinese think name and be closely bound up of one personal growth, destiny, from ancient take seriously highly up to now. Can do you believe? Develop as height of culture of times changes, economy, today, the means that traditional according to family tree names is fading out of ” of “ history arena gradually, down to is not little the youth does not know his seniority in the clan.

Implied meaning of Chinese position in the family hierarchy is big

According to introducing, chinese the ancients gives a name there often is word, date to wait outside removing a full name, the familial type that to surname name of + of generation of + a group of things with common features with “ ” gives priority to evolves to give a name after means. Position in the family hierarchy, regard pedigree of a clan as the established by usage that go up, throughout history cannot change gently, its besides setting familial and fore-and-aft kin, still implied meaning fame, place ideal. Be like " red Lou Meng " the character components radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries that Gu Jia presses a name decides generation, most and familial be in surname and the 3rd word is added to be position in the family hierarchy among the name, if aperture surname has “ auspicious ”“ makes ” position in the family hierarchy, piece the surname has “ to make ”“ learn ” position in the family hierarchy. Illuminate such tradition, a lot of children have not be born, there are two words at least in its full name already by familial elder people had set. “ looks from active meaning, this is helpful for familial and consanguineous the inheritance on a close agglomeration and culture! Folk-custom of academician, Anhui learns ” China literary home gentleman of director ox weed is such look upon tradition gives a name the positive one side of the law.

Do not name 10 % by familial position in the family hierarchy

But as on 559 time are like the century in great quantities “ founds a state the ” , “ construction ” occurrence that includes political imply new name, the Chinese begins to change type of traditional and familial position in the family hierarchy to give a name law, arrive on century 779 time, generation new personality begins to choose the two words full name with simple and deep desire, wait like Han Yu, Lv Tian, 90 time up to now, the full name reveals personality even more, many families are in when the child names, still employed the surname of parental both sides, some blends in more and contemporary element, show slightly even westernize, if take double last name,+ shellfish overcomes Chinese Mu, still have those who call Yang Er Che Na Mu (our country is the longest the full name is desirable 6 word) . The result that this brings about is, give a name by familial position in the family hierarchy rarer and rarer person uses the method, niu Yun introduces, investigation shows: In every 1 million babies, continue to use is familial position in the family hierarchy gives a name already was less than 10 % .
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