The website gives a name, how does the website take a good domain name?
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Build a website, must register a good domain name above all.

Domain name, it is the first impression of corresponding to its website when people enters Internet. If others sees your domain name thinks of with respect to meeting couplet this is the industry of a what kind of website, outstanding subject, place and area; The first pace is successful.

If this domain name is had more concise, clear, good write down, the characteristic of meaning profundity, can be sure this is a good domain name surely. The that is like English name,,,,,,, the of Chinese phoneticize,,,

Good domain name is successful beginning, direct use word is good method of course, and the combination of English word and abbreviate, the combination of English word and Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, chinese Phonetic Alphabet reachs abbreviate, number, digital word homophonic also is the tweak that has a domain name etc. If the domain name since lets a person,look bad to understand, bad to write down, do do not ask what meaning, after explaining namely, not quite clear still, bothered. Such domain name wants to make a brand, should spend big price. Make great efforts a dot to design a domain name sometimes, beautiful even money buys a domain name, can be however will hit brand dispense with henceforth a lot of money and time. Our businessman once was his firm, brand gives a name cudgel one's brains for, fail to order effort up and down in the domain name however, such wanting that eat what have a deficit greatly. In information age, it is fictitious that the website resembles you, more resembling is the estate on an an an enterprise, billboard that stands tall and upright before common people, net. because such, the value of the domain name is far want prep above your traditional name, firm, brand. You must design your domain name meticulously.

So, what means to use to take a domain name after all? The market that the key wants to see you located. If market fixed position faces country, the means that used Chinese Phonetic Alphabet or sets a number is relatively appropriate; But should develop an international market in the future, or the brand that lets a foreign trader invest you, be about to expend kongfu more. Use English purely, abandon oneself to heart home client is accepted hard again, cause is essential use more commonly used foreign language word. Both how balance, what see proprietor is decision-making. If,, is some of good example. According to the newspaper, is in recent years investor spends the domain name with 2.5 million redemptive U.S. dollor, is early 1996 investor uses 600 thousand dollar at the same time the successful example of redemptive,

Someone can say, internet passes so old development, good domain name is less and less already, our oneself does not have an opportunity. Actual condition is not such pessimism, want you to be conceived attentively only, still a few skill that take a domain name can help you register better domain name. between this year March, the that the 3 grade student of some university registers Hunan, sell company of a harbor endowment successfully. Can sell successfully, the value that proved this domain name naturally from some respect.
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