Orchid design advisory firm more (Landor Associates)
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Headquarters sets on pontoon of Ma of carat of san Francisco harbor orchid much (or Lang Tao) designing advisory firm is famed the orgnaization of brand strategy adviser at the world, also be one of " of " thought library with the famousest whole world, all over the world 100 many countries have a branch, father is Woerte of talent design Great Master. Orchid much. Since holding water 1941, it is active in group of global brand sale. Its major servicing is: Plan of figure design, brand, brand names, plan of brand design, advertisement design, sale. Orchid much company is designed with company image most famous, ceng Shi has applied the figure of countless well-known companies to design, wait like Levi`s, Pepsico, Alitalia, Wacoal, the design gives the famous mark of heavy much win universal praise. The brand names is its smaller business only, its name the method with other company very much the same. Orchid the brand name of many design basically has: Lucent, FedEx, Equilon, Rent-A-Car, Saturn, Touchstone, Apria, Telenor, Visteon, Meritor, Geostar. Below brief introducing orchid much company is right of Lucent, Meritor, Visteon name.

Lucent (bright dispatch) it is an orgnaization that AT&T cent goes out formerly, basically pursue telegraphic trade. It is found orchid much, the requirement makes the figure system of one a complete set of for it. Orchid when naming to it more, do not resemble popular at that time what wait for and so on with "net" , "tel" , "SYS" , "com" is pure technical root names, name to it however for Lucent, the meaning that represents " of " bright clarity, reflected sex of the look up before the ideological content of the company is mixed.

The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of current United States overcomes Weir (Rockwell) the company decision automobile industry depart it comes out, when setting one company additionally technically, it is entrusted orchid undertake for it figure is designed naming mixing more. Orchid the brand name that made come from classic language for it more: Meritor, it originates Latin Meritum (advantageous, accredit) . Ford company to market a car, established company of a sale technically, orchid name to it more for Visteon, express the meaning of " of vigor of " force " , " foresight " , " .