Name a lab (Namelab)
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American major names an orgnaization- - naming a lab is founded 1985 at California san Francisco, father is Yi La. Beicilici (IraBachrach) , he is a linguist (Linguist) , the principle that is good at using linguistics and English word-building (ConstructionalEnglish) will create brand name. Since it holds water, already was many 300 company offerred the whole world to name a service, have famously: Compaq, Lexus, 3Com, Acura, Geo, AutoZone, Renova, Sequa, Zapmail, TrueVoice, Lumina.

Name a lab naming a course is: Above all, after receiving to name a project, attend a meeting with the client discuss, the work out inputs a report (Inputstatement) , list Hou picks the information that name place should transmit respectively above. Yi La. Beicilici thinks, with English noun, product name also is by unit of the smallest language- - morpheme place composition, named a lab to weave technically for this morpheme of English of an United States (Morpheme) encyclopedia. He says: "Although English has 140 thousand common vocabularies, but average American can know 20 thousand about, and 7000 vocabularies and root come to my company main foundation design brand name, but these vocabularies are the vocabulary with major TV program and commercial advertisement commonly used place. "Single out a few from which can the morpheme of information of some of report of accurate expression input, pass the combination of a these morpheme next, can form a lot of vocabularies. They can input the combination that information lists in the report through showing meaning, concealed justice and rhetorical menu are amounted to. These are Hou Xuan names. Name a lab to write to concern the analysis of the relevant product name that already existed or company name to report next, find out the rule on its law sex and fixed position. Hou Xuan name detects through these rules, but take out a few do not accord with a condition.

Naming the main life of the lab renown direction is creation significant start a term newly, is not the dinkum combination word that resembles Beautimoist and so on. If be to give a company to name, have company roster and domain name even detect, undertake global trademark law is investigated even finally. Final result is to name a lab to offer one summary to report, include to input analysis of statement, category, final Hou to choose roll (have 3-4 commonly) , law investigates a file. Name a lab to locate his into a linguist, is not a lawyer, because this client wants him foundation,the lawyer's opinion chooses denominate finally to say. Domestic company names general 5 weeks are finished, international company names general 6 weeks are finished. As the one part that names the job, name a lab to make release new name and the plan that its brand discerns even.

Name a lab not only active in American home, and active inside global limits, it is right internationally the viewpoint that the brand names is: Because ① is most western country language is to belong to the language that be the same as a source (Aryan) , the brand name that names with English accordingly can reach Japan in western country commonly (the Japanese vocabulary of 10% originates English) significant, can current, because this English is main,name a language. ② may cause legal problem as a result of language translation, achieve a word newly to compare some especially attributive character off-the-peg vocabulary is registered more easily in most language a few, because this names a lab main design,achieve word brand name newly. The brand name that ③ makes for global transmission (be like Sony, Kodak, Acura) the bias that won't contain culture to go up commonly.
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