International brand group (Interbrand Group)
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International brand group is the " brain trust " of the side of concerned brand strategy with the famousest whole world, it held water at British London 1974, all over the world 19 big cities set a branch. It offers a brand to name for global enterprise, brand plan, brand is evaluated, investigation of the design of company image, environment, design that pack, brand, brand management. It has the expert in different domain, wait like strategy of design of linguistics, image, sale, building, law, have the brand expert with famous whole world, if JohnMurphy is taught. Inrerbrand evaluates civilization with the brand especially at the world, it should be evaluated every year for the whole world piece the most celebrated internationally brand, it is a more authoritative brand evaluates an orgnaization. It is published every year " world super brand " (World`sGreatestBrands) .

The main job domain of Interbrand group is: The brand names, the brand is evaluated, brand of brand investigation, company is politic.

The brand names Interbrand to think the name is the foundation of successful brand, it is tremendous intangible assets. Effective brand name can reflect the individual character image of product, service, company, what still should arouse the quality that consumer represents a product to it and identity is beneficial associate.

Interbrand is the pioneer that scientific brand names development, open those who give out science to name a course, already differred for the whole world the product of country, disparate industry has been offerred by tens of thousands name. The main brand name that its the last few years designs has:

Aptiva (IBM computer) , Zeneca (chemical industry) , Prozac (medicines and chemical reagents) .

The brand evaluates: Interbrand group is global brand evaluates an orgnaization, it has the scientific statistic method that a brand evaluates, it is evaluated according to brand income and brand force, assessment index has a leader position, stability, market, internationally, the project such as trend, support, protection. The brand is evaluated is the tool that quantifies value of economy of a brand, have important sense to brand management. So far, interbrand already evaluated 1600 brands.

Company brand is politic: Company brand strategy is to identify a company not just, it still is company quality, value, dependability is indicative. Interbrand thinks company brand is politic is strong strategical weapon, the understanding that it can promote pair of company goals and with a kind charming distinguish with the means of influential force company. A perfect brand is politic, today this mixed market is tool of propagation of a kind of impayable. Interbrand already was the well-known company such as Compaq, MasterCard, BMW, KFC, Zeneca to implement company brand strategy.