Golden pig darling gives a name appropriate uses a word
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Name of “ of golden pig darling ” power of Yan Shunhao movement

Same a darling that time is born, movement power also is met big different. Parents has a name to darling must careful, father has said “ path can special path, bright ” of Ke Mingfei Chang Ming, confucius also has said be perfectly justifiable is waited a moment. The name is not a simple symbol absolutely, delivered a lot of information to be inside.

Have a name to darling, should abide by above all the following at 4 o'clock:

One, sexual distinction is changed. That is to say the name that the boy must have the boy, the girl must have the girl's name, this lets everybody distinguish in the it may not be a bad idea in the life.

2, accord with character 8. Want to combine the Zhouyi culture among traditional culture, zhouyi culture includes the five elements, when the birth date day that includes oneself, comprise oneself character 8, must combine parents this is done.

3, can help parents. Parental name is not suitable, can dissolve through giving darling to name.

4, meaning of combination tone form. Must Orphean, good write, aesthetic, escape has homophonic.

Pig darling gives a name appropriate uses a word

Appropriate is used have ‘ beans ' , ' of ‘ standing grain, ‘ rice ' , the etymon of ‘ careless ' , the person that there are 3 glyphs in the name, all can grant to agree the advantage of the pig is filled feeling, contented feeling, express food and clothing of 2 unripe self-righting. For example: Show, millet, bridge, grasp, the Qin Dynasty, plant, chrysanthemum.

Appropriate is used have ‘ Piao ‘' enters glyph of ‘ door ‘ , be like the feeling that has the home, the life is more blessed. Be like: How, time, appropriate, the Song Dynasty, wide, defend etc.

Appropriate is used have glyph of ‘ cropland ' , be in on behalf of the pig field food crops food grains other than wheat and rice can be fed, freedom is free, be like: Cropland, armour, stay.

Appropriate is used have zigzag of ' of big ‘ mouth, have an opening advocate has so that feed idea. Be like: Mouth, and, close, with, answer. But big pig is not fond of small burrow, reason appropriate discretion uses.

Appropriate is used 3 add up to zigzag, the pig is ' of ‘ the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, and the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of ‘ the last of the twelve Earthly Branches not ' is 3 close. If the full name has the etymon of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches and end to be able to have divine profit greatly, lifetime noble is aided more, wife virtuous child filial piety. low,

Appropriate is used with the pig 3 meetings zigzag, the last of the twelve Earthly Branches child ugly for 3 can northward water, reason has ‘ child the word of ugly ' of ' and ‘ becomes 3 meetings with the last of the twelve Earthly Branches namely. Be like: Child, water, spring, hunan, bright red, special.
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