The full name is right of individual character reflect
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Give a name the figure with the person---Full name and a the person's figure have very big concern, imperceptible in long-term appellation can model a corresponding figure. Ability is sought rude, the name hears the politician figure of the world, resourcefulness is strange slightly, talented and lofty trade is huge child figure, or talent unexpected increase, chang Long comes extremely artistic bound, perform art group famous person. . . Etc

How to have a good-looking name

Give a name to pay attention to a glyph even. This includes the implication of two respects: One of, the name draws up will be close friends admit, as far as possible need not those rare words; Secondly, the name should pay attention to a structure, draw up come good-looking.

(1) devious word and name

Vast and numerous of Chinese character amount, the Chinese character that the ordinary person knows is in only commonly 3 1000 the left and right sides. Some people always like to use a few not common words to give a name, some words also are not checked on the dictionary even. The name is the symbol that interacts with other. If others is not known, this kind of association can make an one-way flow, can bring inconvenience. Have a psychological expert statistic, with the person that more unfamiliar word gives a name, general and gregarious ability is poorer, disposition is dissocial. Look, this enough causes the attention of the person that name.

(2) glyph and full name

The stroke of every word in the full name should be relatively equal, such ability give a person to feel in order to stabilize feeling and balance. Otherwise, can look not beautiful, write rise uncomfortable, it is on full name whole should a few “ build be particular about of beautiful ” . Be like, “ comes the word that ” word is structure of a thrust deep into the enemy forces. If entitle “ comes Shen Wu ” . Sheet is told with respect to the glyph, its whole structure and body still are pretty is comfortable it seems that. Insufficient is 3 words of surname and name, appear too consistent from the point of whole, appear a few drabber. Should say, this one full name has ” of “ art of composition, and paid attention to semmetry, have certain “ to build beautiful ” . such, because the “ of this surname comes,be ” word decided “ cadence ” above all.

Man is alone the word of system structure, stroke is little. This is about to seek the name that cooperates to it, also had better be stroke is less. Be like: Ding Xiaolan, from the point of whole, the sense that gives a person is compared even and orderly, harmonious, comfortable; Ding Fansen, can give a person the sense that with the head small body weighs, disharmonious; Ding Yiwei, before giving a person light hind heavy feeling, disharmonious.

Same argument, swallow word stroke is more, the word that cooperates to it also had better be stroke is more. Be like: Yan Zilei, more well-balanced; Swallow one, appear top-heavy; Yan Zi one, make the person feels unbalance. Yan Yiying, sensory resembling is an a carring pole carries two basket, the left and right sides firm, look harmonious. Monomial name is such also. Be like: Ding Ping, integral structure and body are harmonious; Ding Ying, it is a small body heavy; Swallow one, it is top-heavy; Yan Zi, integral structure is well-balanced, body is full.
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