Name and individual character
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The better that name great majority is a family (parents or grandparent) be removed, penitentiary name mends his ways after also having a plenty of his to grow up.

(One) the feature of individual character psychology of the person that name report gives a name

The name of a person can reflect the artistic appreciation of the person that give a name sometimes, the name since the person with tall artistic appreciation often vivid, implicative, implied meaning far-reaching, afford for thought. Because they often used a few rhetorical technique when give a name, be like analogy, indicative, cite (with allusion) etc, make the name is read go up Orphean, interesting.

Additional, the feature also affects the individual character psychology of the person that give a name to give a name. If from numerous psychology serious person gives a name, often drive vogue, give a name follow the general trend, its name is easy as identical as the person, this kind of phenomenon is in Culture Revolution period particularly apparent; The name reflects the individual mentality of the person that give a name, this kind of psychology realizes sometimes, it is sometimes cannot of consciousness. The name that like modesty careful person has, read a contact to go to implicative, mild and indirect, the person of proud disposition has the name that come out, often make the person feels too madcap, if “ is preeminent,” of ” , “ Jing day, “ is like the name such as celestial being ” .

Psychology is happy give a name with excited person, its name often cries resonant, 崐 psychology is dejected, depressed person gives a name, its name sounds often feel sound is grave.

(2) the name produces expectation effect

The Chinese character culture 5000 brought up China poem, word, music, couplet distinctive Chinese literary form. These literary forms use character mark. Give a name to perhaps suffer the effect of these literary forms, make a name medium having grumous Yanzhi and lyric tendency.

“ annals ” points to ideal and desire; ” points to “ affection feeling and hobby, still can point to idea idea and social custom. It is all round us, this kind of name is seen everywhere. For instance people hopes riches and honour, use rich, expensive, blessing, salary, will name; The hope rises step by step use litre, promote, lift, ascend name; Hope long life, use age, delay year, a thousand years will name; Hope all things are great, restful health, use auspicious, how, henry, benefit, , health, be good at, abandon disease, go disease will name; Hope girl is fine-looking, use beautiful, colourful, charming, beautiful, perhaps use beautiful name, be like orchid, plum, chrysanthemum, lotus, carry on one's shoulder, osmund etc name. Be like heart, medium, filial piety again, benevolence, justice, ceremony, wisdom, letter, lukewarm, fine, respectful, the frugal, pursuit that let convey pair of ethics morality; Promote ancestor, boast first, the hope that the name such as afterwards ancestor expressed continuance clan.
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