The psychometry of the Chinese character measures: Power of the movement that fi
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The mark before every is counted has “ ★ ” , express to count the carry that it is auspicious; Every mark has “ ☆ ” to be half auspicious carry; Every mark has “ ⊙ ” to be fierce carry.
★ 1, the universe is genetic, heaven and earth opens safe too extremely chieftain number. (big auspicious) meaning: This is the basic number of all things everythings on earth. For the biggest lucky expression. Belong to succeed greatly especially, healthy, riches and honour, reputation, happy, can enjoy a happy life eventually world. But it is good to fear having, ordinary person hard of bear.
⊙ 2, muddleheaded and uncertain, detached and dilapidated number. (big fierce) meaning: Muddleheaded and uncertain number. For the biggest atrocious suggestion. Without independent effort, advance and retreat loses freedom, its inside and outside gives birth to billows, pinch uneasiness. Jolty, disease suffers from, castaway, deformed even. If companion has other the good person that count is not sent die young. Lifetime of its person hardship, annals hopes to be amounted to hard, undone and fugacious.
★ 3, enterprising flexibly promotional prosperity number. (big auspicious) meaning: Yin and yang is held in the arms close, everythings on earth decides the elephant that form. Lucky Fu Luzhi is agreed without prior consultation, develop to succeed. Zhi Daming quick, art fine fine, of equipment chieftain endowment, enjoy natural good fortune. Be satisfactory to both sides of fame and gain, can become important matter great cause. Flourish enters hopeful, happiness and benefit is boundless.
⊙ 4, dilapidated fierce all things that change is silent several. (big fierce) meaning: Belong to destructive fierce variable, inadequacy is not complete ruined. Advance and retreat is not free, independent lack ability. Mostly painstaking and difficult. Or rather he is fierce carry cooperates and send crazy die in one's bed, die young, or debauch, undone, it is difficult to go against. Become disabled person eventually. But Fu of dutiful son, section, strange outstanding wait, also have the person that this counts out.
★ 5, the door counts the Fudeji of blessing Lu Changshou. (big auspicious) meaning: Yin and yang is consensual, and close, be over mural elephant. Hide great successful fortune. Mental quick is amounted to, the body is perfect, blessing salary is macrobian, riches and honour flourishs, penetrate everywhere. Or be resurgence ancestor, or get married in an alien land, or revive absolutely. Although be inferior to this, also can earn honor of scholarly honour and official rank, blessing heart has both, do not have ripely hinder, happiness and benefit auspiciouses auspicious.
★ 6, person day photograph counts smooth and steady Yu Qingji. (big auspicious) meaning: Day heart ground auspicious all equipment, fu Qing very abundant, domestic situation is royal, 10 thousand treasure carry toward Zong Zhi. However extremely full criterion caustic, be filled with extremely deficient. If other essential factor cooperates not Zhou Zhe, fear or fall like running water, become the elephant of alleged extreme joy begets sorrow. All of this several manage is connate beauty, smooth and steady auspicious eventually world.
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