Full name and disposition: The attribute of the five elements of 5 case
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The attribute of the five elements of 5 case

Will analyse the good or ill luck of the full name to can manage through case, want establishment above all the five elements of 5 case. Identifying when five linage manage, plan 1—10 several, exceed several of 10, take out 10 digit, leave a digit only, reductive count into 1—10. For 0, criterion plan for 10. Will in order to figure reason differentiate the five elements. Namely 1, 2 for wood; 3, 4 for fire; 5, 6 for earth; 7, 8 for gold; 9, 10 for water.

Disposition decides a destiny, the method that uses elephant of 5 case analyse also can is opposite the host of the full name undertakes disposition is analysed, disposition analysis also is to build the gram is born in the five elements over the foundation:

Wood makes a fire: Emotional sex is strong, unusually enthusiastic, not endurance, extreme of love and hate, make friend not wide.

Igneous immature soil: Wen Liang is kind, rich good-fellowship, courteous and considerate, generosity is good apply, medicinal powder much part is little.

Autochthonal gold: Inactive small sign, gentle and kind and just, lack activity force, not to be pooh-poohed is congenial, also do not have extravagant hopes.

Golden unboiled water: Anacreontic and happy, be full of resource, insociable, ties of friendship of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is angry, absolutely adverse oneself.

Aquatic wood: Impressibility is strong, understanding is close, be full of enthusiasm, bend at the illusion, ignore reality.

Wood captures land: Relapse errant, curiosity is strong, go after new other people, sentiment of ability and wisdom, without affinity.

Fire overcomes gold: The volition is solid, try hard restrainedly, upright and outspoken is impatient, reactionary force is powerful, suffer easily incendiary.

Earth overcomes water: Only content thought, object religion, observation is shallow art, words and deeds is short of beautiful, inside and outside shoulds not.

Jin Kemu: Humanness is obstinate, not good at dinner party, much suggestion is rich justice, reactionary force is powerful, have mobile power.

Shui Kehuo: Cloddish and intense, fight heart is strong, object religion, nervily, emulative and castiron.