Meaning of 81 several manage is detailed and analytic
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1 number manage, (the universe is genetic) : Universe of heaven and earth opens safe too extremely chieftain number. (auspicious)

Base course of study: Clever, much learn, successful, riches and honour, reputation, happy, wealth, into cropland.

Family: Bamboo Mu Chenglin, parents has shade, family much filial piety of satisfactory, children.

Healthy: “ 3 ability ” is kind-hearted person the body is in good health, be expected macrobian, do not encounter otherwise.

Implication: The basic number of all things everythings on earth. For the expression of the greatest lucky fortune, the movement that attributes reputation of healthy happiness, riches and honour, great success is counted, can enjoy a happy life eventually world. Because its count manage to had passed, reason is an ordinary person hard of bear.

2 number manage, (section of a suit Gu) : Belong to uncertain detached and undone number. (fierce)

Base course of study: Danger of disaster money, undone, calamity, broken home, Gong Yan, transitional, fine-looking.

Family: Close affection is aloof. Husband and wife should understand each other, relieve the pain of take leave of.

Healthy: Fierce change, sickly, short-lived also have. Suffer from easily dermatosis, traumatic, die young.

Meaning: Muddleheaded and uncertain elephant, for the biggest atrocious suggestion. Volition not firm, without independent effort, advance and retreat loses freedom, inside and outside gives birth to billows, pinch uneasiness. Jolty, disease suffers from, castaway, deformed even. If companion has other the good person that count can be avoided send short-lived die young. Lifetime of its person hardship, annals hopes to be amounted to hard, undone and fugacious.

3 number manage, (lucky) : Enterprising flexibly promotional prosperity number. (auspicious)

Base course of study: Learning, craft, ancestor course of study, big, free-standing, build course of study, Guan Lu.

Family: The oblige inside the home, ke Dexian wife, the six relations is harmonious, need selfishness of Buddhist monastic discipline.

Healthy: Song Bailin stands, healthy and good, be expected macrobian.

Meaning: Yin and yang is held in the arms close, person of heaven and earth is formed, affirmatory elephant. Lucky Fu Luzhi is alluded, develop to succeed. Zhi Daming quick, art fine fine, all things flexibly, can make achievement, be satisfactory to both sides of fame and gain, have the aptitude of chieftain, enjoy natural good fortune. Flourish enters hopeful, happiness and benefit is boundless.

4 number manage, (fierce change) : It is difficult to be robbed personally fierce all things that change is silent several. (fierce)

Base course of study: Family property of money of danger of fine-looking, sweet colourful, broken home, calamity, disaster, caustic.

Family: One's kin edge is slight, brother as drawing cake, the person that earnest look is aided is little.

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