Bao Hong is wide: My name calls " king "
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" direct quotation " " say civil solution word " carry Dong Zhongshu to unscramble word of " king " : On one horizontal stroke is the ground, intermediate one horizontal humanness for day, below one horizontal stroke, intermediate one vertical stroke is to join. Join those who connect person, for king. The interpreter becomes contemporary Chinese language, it is " gets together the person that climate, favourable geographical position, person is mixed, for king. "And king, must be the true is reincarnate. Shumahe is Wang Zhe, this is unquestionable. Although be in,capture have in the road of 7 coronals king such or in that way saliva, play even afterbirth younger brother husband Er to be in even assail he, but the so much recognition when retiring and title of " of king of car of " of beatific enough proof are not billow gets undeserved reputation. BMW Suo Baisai car is tailor-made the "ThanksMichael" on empennage, it is very good example, contending for even nearly two years the Alongsuo that gets life-and-death with him also is puffery Laoche king. Can win the esteem of adversary and yearning, as the fighter, shumahe is successful, so Wang Zhe be worthy of. The Chinese gymnastic team that come back winning high praise this alive earn for compatriots on bright and beautiful contest sufficient face, card of 8 gold nugget broke a record, the champion of female group is shining annals more. The cap of " of second of chiliad of " of Yang Wei pick off, harvest 3 gold, although Zhang Nan gets hurt in retrospective match, but as captain, stable soldier's morale is very important also. So, they also can say to go up Wang Zhe. Look forth again, make one gun of Hai Feng, not only adapted Chinese Olympic Games history, and proclaimed the birth of a new era; The " of old women's volleyball 5 Lian Guan " are a paragraph of history not only, more important is, man made the same score them to create a kind of spirit; Although Yao Ming is not the first center of NBA, but a when he is representing Chinese basketball new height; Liu Xiang also is not Chang Sheng's general, but a mark that he is Chinese man track and field... boxing king is in A, tai Sen is not; Bei Li is ball king, xiaoluo returns within an inch of; Beisite's funeral can make Beierfasite the whole town turns out, dan Luni gets most still is all sorts of criticism sound; Tiger five at present is the Wang Zhe of golf bound, wei Shengmei besides can make money, do not have other strong points it seems that... so, lord person, it is to have certain bully energy of life not just---Otherwise, each " ball bully " this oneself Wang Le. Can lord, must not create a kind of miracle, height or speed, this is not important, important is to be in by historical engrave when, not certain go down in history as a honor, but absolutely cannot notorious.