Dweller of the view that answer dragon embeds community name 1000 idiom receive
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"A lot of people had played the game that receives dragon, so big nevertheless battle array is afraid or the head meets with. "These two days, a card that accepts dragon " game about " idiom is held in both hands to be " to achieve a century by many netizens " of the first senior note, because game and community concern very " close " , the requirement answers " word to receive " to watch " word from " with 4 words idiom, because the enthusiasm of the dwellers inside this view is ignited at a draught, whole community participated in the game that receive dragon in. The reporter sees, this phrasal game that receive dragon is sit by the dweller inside view (net name) most initiate first:  coil? answers " to receive " to watch " , there must not be " to watch " among, but the 1000th when must " watchs " word. Answer day of faint " to begin from " , watch " to final " Wei Weizhuang, weak point inside time of 5 days, what the long dragon of community dwellers receives is really lively still. The dweller with many high interest is received rise not to live with respect to Buddhist templeput on the brakes car, "Sit " , "AB" received at a heat 30 many. And still having many dwellers is to do more laugh, " artistic one area " , " holds go to bed in the arms to come road of " , " is illogical " treats as phrasal clip is in in the center. And fine village fights handle (net name) was to make a joke more, be opposite a netizen far horizon be in plaint " edge does not have phrasal " 4 words also regarded as receive dragon, receive directly gave a " language to give breathtaking " to come, finally not only oneself amusing, what still sufferred netizens is derisive. It is nevertheless in this game, everybody plays really still is extremely, even still the netizen offers to go game again time receive, continue game after all!