Flywheel sea? Do not think this is the name of passenger liner
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Flywheel sea? Do not want ground of interpret without real understanding to think this is the name of a passenger liner, it is English of Fahrenheit temperature Fahrenheit actually is medium translated term, also be the name of group of male of Taiwan the Cenozoic Era. Flywheel sea differs by 4 disposition, one's previous experience the schoolboy of each different is phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon, Wu Zun, Chen Yiru and composition of Wang Dong city, represent WARM of / of COLD / COOL and HOT respectively, temperature forces 40 degrees continuously from Fahrenheit Fahrenheit 90 degrees. When flywheel sea forms a delegation, with taking idol drama is given priority to, " culminating " attracted numerous TV to confuse for them, later advertisement, film contract is ceaseless. On October 6, first pieces of homonymic special " flywheel sea " issue, go up a list of names posted up two weeks, had obtained Taiwan G - MUSIC integrated a list of names posted up the 3rd, second of travel of 4 old record sells grade, heat is breathtaking. And their broker and record company are those who be good at the organization that pack but Mi Hehua grinds, f4 and S.H.E are two successful example. The reporter is in even line body yesterday the flywheel sea of Taiwan, understanding arrives at the beginning of November, flywheel sea will enter inland first and come to Guangzhou publicize, proper mix heats up male plot beforehand of beauty of 4 great variety Guangzhou is deep autumn. Special subject interviews and write: Height of little file of Chen Yiru of Zhang Lin of Huang Changjie of our newspaper reporter's trainee: 184cm   weight: 65kg   birthday: 11 / of 1980 / 10   constellation: Scorpio record of formal schooling: Canada is lukewarm university of SimonFraserUniversity of elder brother China majors birthday of little file of economic Wu Zun: 10 / of 1980 / 10   height: 18