The netizen can be individual email suffixal give a name
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All the time since, the mailbox that netizens use all is portal website or place of professional mailbox website offer, contain unified and suffixal communal mailbox. And the " of " individuation mailbox that Microsoft LIVE post office combines place of CN domain name to roll out, the Internet face that differs to the netizen. Recently, domain name of the CN inside Microsoft U.N. registers service orgnaization Yi Mingzhong country announces formally to roll out post office of Chinese edition Live. Be based on the mailbox system of Microsoft, the email that the user can choose CN domain name to serve as his arbitrarily is suffixal, the private post office that opens oneself freely can allocate mailbox Zhang number for other. Every netizen is OK oneself, the name that him choice, him definition likes serves as mailbox suffixal. For example Zhang Xiaoli can have many Xiaoli. Cn, Lili. The domain name such as Cn, debut respectively in the LIVE post office of Yi Mingzhong country next. Besides can be like,oneself are opened Zhang @ Xiaoli. Lili of @ of Cn, Zhang. Besides the personalized mailbox of Cn, allocate mailbox of OK still and infinite specified number for other random. Microsoft together the LIVE post office that Yi Mingzhong country rolls out has cost the characteristic with cheap, stable and simple and easy, efficient operation. The user needs to have domain name of a CN only, can have the LIVE mailbox that Microsoft measures indefinitely freely. It is reported, the post office of Chinese edition Live that Microsoft combines Yi Mingzhong country this to roll out is current platform of exclusive simple and easy application. Be based on the mail system with stable Microsoft, the need of Yi Mingzhong nation according to Chinese user is great to registering flow to undertake simplify. According to easy name Jing of heart of Chinese general manager aperture introduces, the user needs to log onto Live only. Ename. Cn, can finish easily inside a few minutes register. The personalized mailbox that has easily and personalized post office make the applied foreground of LIVE mailbox is valued. The personage inside course of study thinks, WEB