The full name learns origin and development
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Full name, original when the symbol that distinguishs each other as people only. Antediluvian period mankind is so anonymous without the surname, there was the name of the word later as social development, can saying is famous without the surname, be like olden Monarch Yao, Shun, the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, the son of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty calls " to open " , built Xia Chao. Experienced a full name to have again later without jumbly period, the name arrives during this is everybody has, the surname is not everybody to have however, be like name of Qin Shi emperor " politics " , surname " wins " , swallow prince name " red " , and " of female singer of " of surname of week day imperial family, article king calls " Ji Chang " , his son calls " of " Ji Fa to wait. To later each are familial the traditional interest that differs severally to consolidate, the full name is paid attention to to rise again, arrived He Hanchu of end of the Qin Dynasty, completely of most person full name. Period of the later Han dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, full name not only be taken seriously generally and farther outspread, it is namely besides the full name, the person of not rare identity still has a word, be like " of Kong Ming of " of the Zhu Geliang of period of the Three Kingdoms, word, " of heart of ala of " of Zhang Fei, word, " of Zhao Yun, word child dragon " , cloud of " of Guan Yu, word grows " . Can reflect familial brother arrange order again on this foundation, uncle for one, zhong Wei 2, be like " of Bai Fu of " of word of Wu Guosun plan, secondly intermediate of " of word of authority of younger brother grandson seeks " . At that time people begins to value the knowledge of the name more, but all these stays on word meaning, can be people passes signal of word what one does not expect to wish only just. The wind be current to " of fortuning-telling by analysing a Chinese character of Song Dai " , again wintersweet of " of Shao Mr Kangjie counts the influence of " easily, people pays attention to the name to form, sound, meaning stage by stage all-around come above development, qing Dynasty comes after at the beginning of end civilian, the full name learned to have qualitative flight. The Yang Kun of a teacher of our country bright gentleman, musical sound of the manage of number of river the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces according to China, Yi Xueba divinatory symbols, sound and the five elements lay the principle of the gram, plus long-term and the statistical process of heavy and complicated and push a show to come, be in 20 time end publishs 20 centuries at the beginning of 30 time " Chinese full name learns " one book, put forward a full name to learn to be one system knowledge in its composing first, put forward to judge 5 measure of full name good or ill luck, namely " full name learns " of 5 big principles, put forward " of full name stroke at the same time 81 kinds of good or ill luck sentence demit " . Pass person Japan subsequently, " Chinese is to shed " in what Japan says, in Japan bright treat year, through occupying Zun Zunmu of art home ' Cheng Fu ' tries to advocate and flourishing those who rise. Be called " Xiong Qi till be good at old man the Japanese of " , try to arrange again after inducing, achieve piece more complete and judgement of methodical full name learns, the full name of " Xiong Qi that uses now namely learns "(namely 5 case analyse learns) like the full name. 20 centuries 30 time end, "Full name of 5 case law learns Xiong Qi " passes person Korea from Japan, old hind travel person our country via two again, pass northeast area of person our country by Korea all the way, pass person Taiwan, Hong Kong by Japan, Korea all the way and area of by Hong Kong and Taiwan sends person home. This is the Republic of China 22 years, bai Yuguang of Chinese student studying abroad (incognito later Bai Huiwen) study abroad to Japan, shi Congxiong Mr Qi studies the full name is judged, after the Republic of China goes back to the motherland 25 years, obtain Mr Xiong Qi agree, 3 books such as the mystery " that the destiny of full name of the mysterious " that expressed full name of " Xiong Qi to learn with Han Wenfa in succession, " learns full name of " , " , xiong Qi full name learns to be in Taiwan area therefore gradually faddish rise, white family name can call the first person that introduces Xiong Qi full name to go to China. Going to the mainland via these two transmission already was our country reforming and opening hind, 20 centuries 80 time evening, by the scholar the person place such as old man of Fang Yang, high mountain is written " full name and life " of one book publish, and wide to circulate. Book of its pilfer edition is everywhere, cause the interest of countless compatriots, its learn easily simply, maneuverability is strong, have certain accuracy again, reason is in home is wide to circulate, become judgement of home's most at present popular a kind of full name to learn. The advantage that rebukes 5 case full name learns Qi, depend on can capturing disposition feature roughly to reach about incline to of lot put in order, but all previous classics tens of year after test, discovery judges means this kind, apply on the body of certain person, incidental error, the person that becomes famous socially especially, often have this kind of appearance. The person of homonymic of the same surname is additionally too much, the disposition of these people and destiny are identical, what rebuke Qi full name learns to be able to use acquired environment and professional option only like that is different will try prevaricate goes, this is the weakness that Xiong Qi full name learns to cannot justify oneself, a lot of people also are opposite reason 5 case full name learns Xiong Qi lose confidence, thereby all sorts of domestic and internationally reforming that the full name of the clique judges a method to appear, have expansion 5 case analyse a full name to learn, increase a society carry, family fortune, inside carry A, inside the method such as carry B, have add the full name to 8 case and much style to learn, some matching that go up lay year of 9 bits, some matching that go up divinatory symbols elephant, some draw wrong conclusions by false analogy boast at the violet small bit of China that fight number; of concoct various pretexts can say all sorts of new school confused, however fine turn result of its test and verify, eliminate accuracy rate of extremely specific means taller outside, mostly accuracy is inferior, the defect that fails to will rebuke 5 case full name learns Qi is made one time amend, solid belong to a regret. The author from 95 years, learn and study Xiong Qi since 5 case full name learns, discovering theory of ursine family name to be told from whole still is correct, why to produce deviation on application, because whole full name learns a system,be not quite whole system, insufficient on judgement detail consecution, devoid train of thought, the route that the full name judges is not quite clear. In the example of many full name that the author forecasts experience and summary according to be engaged in a full name for years, arrange the method that a full name forecasts and train of thought, more when the birth date day that cooperates a person (namely 4 column character 8) integrated judgement, effective settlement the full name of different destiny learns homonymic of the same surname difficult problem, make the full name learns make a point thereby complete and forecasted accuracy to huge rises, heavy brace up the academic position of full name prediction science. The history that the full name learns can say very short, new theory, viewpoint still ceaseless occurrence and Baconian in arranging, evolve into those who come, may resemble life a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties same, development becomes a complete and close science. In recent years, a lot of domestic full names learn the expert of the respect, scholar and lover, cast a person ceaselessly to study cavalcade to this, the formation that learns in the full name is perfect in, contributed graven positive result, the valuable data the wise man, make farther test and verify and arrange the job, learn this to be used at raising the corporeal life of people and mental pursuit truly, obtain the eye land of benefit common people thereby. The full name learns to be deep to result from the philosophical thought of a lot of wise man of our country ancient time, it is the quintessence of a country of our country. Sage Confucius says:" The name is frame-up a word is not suitable " . Confucianism elegant Su Dongpo says tasteful big Mingshi:" Worldly only renown fact is not easily bullied " . Illuminative ideologist Yan Fu says recent the capitalist class:" Stand, " of cabinet of Zhi of month of a period of ten days. Zhu Xianxian spoke a full name the importance to the person. Ancient time has logion day:" Have its name surely actually, the name is solid guest also. "In " say " in one book, renown " of example justice " is " life, "Renown consider oneself also " . Be in olden, although a lot of scholars had done research to the full name, just solve its regrettablly word justice and did not try to develop, do not have more with " The Book of Changes " rise integratedly and combine a technical knowledge. Later, although each generation scholar has complement, detailed adds a specification, was not taken seriously by common people from beginning to end however, and make avoid Duan Xie says, just circulate in folk use the method to making fortune-telling. At the beginning of the Republic of China year, bright place writes Chinese teacher Yang Kun " Chinese full name learns " make the full name learned to have qualitative flight, person Japan is noted after, gradually faddish, present the origin and development that the full name learns formally like that. 20 centuries are earlier, japanese scholar ursine Qi be good at old man learned the full name to undertake relatively of the system arrange, beautiful name learns " for " emperor, solid learn for Chinese full name. And the pupil that studies this learns gives " emperor student " however learn name. Later, area of and other places of Singapore of this hearsay person, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Korea, pass to our country northeast to chase the full name now to learn gradually.
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