Give a name cause controversy
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Injury person is regretful one villager is fond of Meng Cheng expensively child hind, only because be there is word of " of one " bridge in extraction name and produce conflict with other, temporarily drunken impulse throws another person, fell finally an end that is detained by public security. Recently, unconscious city county moves Zhang Mou is fond of villager of village of garden of village countryside bamboo expensively child, unusually glad, become national ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state in the future to can invite a son, the decision gives son " Zhang Liang " . Won't do consider a distant relative with the same family name one villager Zhang Mou some (" of Tie Liang of infant name " , compare Zhang Mou by position in the family hierarchy tall one generation) think, "There is oneself word in the name of Zhang Liang " , this is in place was to make those who abstain from, for this, ask Zhang Mou gives a son stoutly incognito. After a few bargaining, zhang Mou does not wish not only incognito, think instead Zhang Mou some is finding fault intentionally. Late on September 12, had drunk drunken Zhang Mou to want to jump over gas more, come to Zhang Mou then some is academic, result both sides quarrels again rise, the Zhang Mou in brawl holds knife general Zhang Mou some is chopped. Receive after calling the police, unconscious city police is investigated quickly, give Zhang Mou to public security detains 15 days and punish a 1000 yuan punishment. For this, zhang Yi is regretful.