A doubt fierce name calls before the dream is shown dead
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Come a few years, the cause of death that dream of · of beautiful lotus of Ma of giant star of the Hollywood before the United States shows is posse dense fog all the time, the cause of death that dream of American government identification shows is the suicide that take drug. Reported on October 18 according to American media however, dimajiao's niece, dream shows · of tall of dream dew former husband before one's death cater-cousin Dimajiao is in · of bright red favour its are new book " Ma Li Lian, Qiao He me: Dream dew is murdered, the maternal Louise Dimajiao that she is giving Zhu En before be killed calls, cry in the phone gave a name - the name that may be a murderer. Louise for family security, reject to tell anyone doubt fierce name, although FBI(FBI) fish she is dream dew before one's death the last the person that undertakes the phone chats, but Louise hid the fact to FBI! A name of " murderer " cries to occupy a story before the dream is shown dead, the · of bright red favour that is many years old 70 Dimajiao is Marie baseball of dew of lotus · dream stars former husband Joe Dimajiao's niece, she and maternal Louise Dimajiao are dream dew before one's death the good friend of keep no secrets from each other.