Chen Meili, your character and name are euqally beautiful!
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She calls the word of complier Chen Meili, jiangxi heart promotes a of village of Zong Ru of city Li Zhai home village or town average villager, the mother of two children. 31 years old, scar left in Chen Meili's life. That hill fire April 9 divested the man's young life. 31 years old, chen Meili touched home village or town with the action. She sticks an announce to replace husband repay a debt in a few days after the husband dies. Changjiang Delta Metropolis Daily had a story to this one achievement of Chen Meili, after transmit of net of classics great river, rapid website of home be waitinged for by people net, sina, Sohu, Netease, Tecent is reprinted, chen Meili touched the whole nation more, the netizen leaves a message say: "Chen Meili, your character and name are euqally beautiful! "  this year on April 9, heart the Wang Yunlin of village of Zong Ru of countryside of the Li Zhai that start city, oneself young life was given when helping villager put out a fire. His wife Chen Meili is in announce of a few days of paste after the husband dies die father repay a debt, what worry most before one's death because of marital " only is the thing that be in debt. "Worry not to return money to suffer the censure of others for certain in the marital " with very good public praise of home village or town before one's death because of her only. "Current, chen Meili had repaid early or late nearly 50 thousand yuan of debt of more than 10 creditor, in these money nearly 40 thousand yuan do not have any prooves. On September 3, changjiang Delta city is anounced " the wife sticks announce to replace die husband repay a debt " had a story to Chen Meili for the problem. The article is after transmit of great river net, be reprinted by tens of home media such as people net, sina, Sohu, Tecent, Netease, discuss ardently what got broad netizen, in Netease, netizen comment is as high as many 700. A netizen left " be filled with deep esteem! "4 words. There is a netizen to say in sina: "Come between heaven and earth pure the woman that reachs the beauty! Great and great female! "In Netease, a netizen that comes from Heilongjiang Daqing kept such word: "Did not touch for ages, today's tear did not know how to flow. "And a netizen of Sohu expresses: "Chen Meili you not only the person is beautiful, and the heart is beautiful also, your everyday woman is extraordinary. "More netizens left " Chen Meili, your character and name are euqally beautiful! " touch. Express to touch in succession in numerous netizen while, many netizens also served lifetime of " good person name of if of person of restful " , " , the blessing of " of good person good newspaper. Chen Meili touchs Netease netizen