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It is very important to have a good name to the product
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The name is the hook that registers the trademark on ladder of the product in anticipating client mind. In fixed position times, the sale with the important only that you can do is decision-making have what name to the product namely.
Shakespeare says incorrectly. If the rose makes other name so won't balmy. You not only those who see is you want to look with, also you think what you smell to smell. This is namely in the sale of perfume, most the most decision-making it is the reason that has what name for this brand.

Cry " Alfred " won't perfume sell so that mix " Shaerli " euqally good? Do not risk this danger. The island of case of a person of extraordinary powers that is located in Caribbean to go up is before the island of instead heaven all the time unknown to public.

How to choose a name

Do not appeal later at the history, ran used thing in the past, now or may not also can is in charge of in the future with. In the past, line of the products is little, information transmission is small also, name unlike so important now.
To nowadays, with a fine long hair since lazy method insignificant name enters the mind of people hard. You must have a name that can start program of quake fixed position, one can tell to anticipate a client this product is main the name of characteristic.

For instance: "Sea flying silk " (Head&shoulder) shampoo, " caress " (IntensiveCare) embellish skin fluid, " slender " (Slender) beverage of low quantity of heat and " close " toothpaste. Perhaps be called lasting effect batteries do " permanent " (DidHard) card, be called condiments of the new world chicken that bake " Shake ' NBake " , must cream the shave that conduces to mustache be being blown neatlier be called " sharp " (Edge) .

But, remove a name not to answer " overdo " . That is to say, the meaning of the name should not be close to product connotation itself too, resembling is a current name, apply to all products in this category thereby, is not the brand of a specific brand.

Rice straps a company to produce " Lai content " (low degree) beer is a general product renown, it covered all congener products. Then, had now " Shilici is low spend beer " , " Anhuoyize - more natural than applying low spend beer " with large quantities of one other sort low spend beer, the public and journalism use excessive very quickly " Miller is low degree " this name, make rice straps company lose thereby " low degree " reach rather the special right that similar pronunciation should make beer trade mark.

In the days henceforth, brand registers a representative to meet " Lai is special " as an opposite case that makes trade mark with descriptive sex literature.

Like removing a name to resemble cycle racing, want get victory, have to seize an opportunity, you must choose those approximately general but very not current name. If you temporarily deviate circuit, entered current name zone, that went along with it. Champion of world of neither one racing bicycle obtains what impartiality leaves circuit a few times before the victory finally.
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