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Ministry of Education announces what netizen of 171 Chinese new term is familiar
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Evaluate network language

Just do not honour or demote

Released yesterday " state of Chinese language life reports (2006) " point out: Harmony of Chinese language life is healthy, language script sense is occurrent major change.

According to introducing, the report that issues this is on the foundation of corpora of 900 million word, undertake investigating in the light of Chinese character and term, live to the language of a certain number of domains a certain number of heat problems in state and language life undertook study.

Report the corpora of media of 3 kinds of networks has pair of network news, BBS and rich settle or live in a strange place point out after the analysis: The network uses word circumstance and general media close, network language uses the characteristic that has spoken language to change; The content that guest of network news, BBS, rich pays close attention to different, author group different, style style also has difference. General evaluate network language, or honour or demote, cannot mirror its true condition.

National signal appoint Li Yu of director of department of government of information of character of language of vice director, Ministry of Education bright say, of the rapid development as socioeconomy, ideology all-time and active, new thing, new idea, new term reachs his new use is many emerge in large numbers. Limits of way of the transmission speed of neologism character phenomenon, transmission, transmission and transmission way also are in produce a change.

"The culture resource that the language regards a country as and ' soft actual strength ' main component, obtain gradually take seriously. Compose builds harmonious language life, already made the new concept of Chinese society. " plum Yu Ming says.

Investigation shows, our country " small language " the tourist guide is not worth badly, already became the main factor that restricts development of market of burgeoning passenger source. Vietnamese, Thai and unconscious archaism, Han Yu, German, French, spanish, Italian all be not worth badly.

Person name heavy name and rare word give a name the phenomenon is serious. An investigation shows, our country cries " Zhang Wei " the person may exceed 300 thousand, rare word is contained in the full name that has 6000 much people.

Our country evens more language of half product manual is stated non-standard. Up to by October 2006, language of manual of our country product states non-standard scale to be as high as 55 % .

Listed 171 Chinese new term

Ministry of Education still listed in its government website 171 Chinese new term picks item yesterday. National signal appoint information of character of language of vice director, Ministry of Education manages Si Liyu bright director points out on the news briefing, the change that our language lifestyle produces is very big, the change with new vocabulary is much, but designedly undertakes study special difficulty. Trying to announce 171 first this year, the vocabulary that does not mean a year of new generation has 171 only, a new term is this year of generation, arose last year, still be generation of the year before last year, it is very difficult to rise certainly, difficulty is very great, but the circumstance that we try to find discovery new term hard, announced 171 this year.
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