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The 2nd acting horse amounts to 6 Chinese to name oneself " farsighted ala "
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A few days ago, one steam Ma Zida announces the 2nd acting horse formally to amount to 6 Chinese name to be oneself " farsighted ala " . According to introducing, the design concept of farsighted ala is " developmental ZOOM-ZOOM " . It continues the figure that generation horse amounts to 6 outstanding motion performance and high-tech oneself, blend in more convenience, safer, more the design concept of environmental protection. Farsighted ala will appear on the market at the beginning of 2009, first appearing on the market model platoon quantity is 2.5 litres, decide a high end of car of Yu Zhonggao class, the price is in 200 thousand yuan of above.

Amount to vise general manager to introduce at Hong Jiang oneself according to one steam horse, the 2nd acting horse 6 name farsighted ala, but with generation horse 6 form valid area to lie between. generation horse amounts to the design concept of 6 oneself is " ZOOM-ZO0M " , market of main attack fractionize; The 2nd acting horse amounts to the design concept of 6 oneself is " developmental ZOOM-ZOOM " , each respect waits in value of product function, class, brand, generation horse amounts to apparent prep above oneself 6, of its main attack is medium the high-end mainstream market in advanced car city.

In name a news briefing to go up, one steam Ma Zida overturns traditional differentiate with utility of public business affairs or personal use the standard of the market, and put forward to differentiate by novice and veteran of fractionize market brand-new thinking mode. Buy behavior to look from consumer, the car buys first in advanced car consumer scale in 2007 is achieved 62% . Be based on this, the market differentiates mode should with driving experience is a standard, the use demand of mature novice and veteran, undertake market fractionize according to the new pattern of novice and veteran. While farsighted ala is satisfying travel function and comfortable sex, facilitate to driving with respect to the novice individual demand of the gender, undertook the design of specific aim, make farsighted ala makes a good car that suits a novice to fit old hand again already.