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Engine of fuel of biology of new generation of Ford research and development nam
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Engine of fuel of biology of new generation of Ford research and development names Bobcat

Motive erupts to already was the same as German adversary to be about the same on the technology continuously inside the crock of EcoBoost turbine pressure boost that Ford releases recently. The Ford of care of outstanding achievement can does not have backwater, grinding at present hair is brand-new engine of generation biology fuel, the message says new engine will be a name with Bobcat, economy of horsepower output, fuel and tail gas discharge achievement very exceedingly good, change beautiful type to start the notoriety with engine oil high cost in the round.

Brand-new the alcohol fuel that engine of Bobcat biology fuel uses has very high octane number, this is helpful for increasing the dynamical output of engine. Small-sized turbine supercharger presses new gas cylinder, straight spray system fuel direct gush enters firebox, the compression ratio with concessional engine older set, realize more powerful horsepower output thereby. And common gasoline engine appears very easily below old compression ratio to deflagrate and express the abnormal combustion phenomenon such as noodle fire, shorten engine life.

Predict brand-new the cost of engine of Bobcat biology fuel is more than common gasoline engine give 1100 dollars, because EcoBoost deployed the cost that straight spray system compares common gasoline engine inside system of turbine pressure boost and crock to grow 700 dollars left and right sides. The growth range of cost and price is very big, but the powerful motive force that new technology brings, low oily cost and low discharge save in use more expenditure for you, because this is overall,calculate come down, new technology still has higher sexual price to compare.