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2 hill myna name Li Bai Du Fu exit namely Song " static night is thought of "
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In Zhang Shi the directive of teach falls, "Hill myna poet " " Li Bai " recite Tang poetry for the tourist. Zhang Liangyu is photographed

"The bright moon before the bed is smooth, doubt is the frost on the ground. Lift a head to look at the bright moon, lower his head to consider home. " the voice that hears this to recite a poem, you think for certain is out Tang poetry of a perusal in 300 population, thinking of is given out from inside mouth of a hill myna. Yesterday morning, zhang Zhengyao of person of civilian domesticate bird is taking him the hill myna of Tang poetry of back of those two glib, meetings comes to Dongguan, preparation attends some scene area to use part of object Yo art on what hold during National Day.

Hill myna fights wine poem

Zhang Shi teach parts to 2 hill myna entitle " Li Bai " with " Du Fu " , the name of celestial being of Tang Dynasty poem and poetic emperor became the name of hill myna.

Although leave the animal sports that National Day holds artistic,the section still has 10 many days, but to let " hill myna poet " familiar environment, yesterday morning, zhang Shi teach is taking his hill myna to come to Dongguan, "Hill myna poet " also occupy virtuous mountain villa is concealed technically its install " bird's nest " inside.

The reporter sees in the spot, if do not start to talk, these 2 hill myna and general hill myna distinction are not very big, black feather, the mouth that is yellow only is longer than general hill myna, black small eyeball turns quickly than general hill myna. "Li Bai, carry a Tang poetry on the back to listen to the guest quickly. " Zhang Shi teach is eager to showing two to the reporter " hill myna poet " the natural gift that bears Tang poetry. Two hill myna fall not urgent, leap up falls to jump even if do not start to talk on, placing the Great Master's a fair amount of confidence. Zhang Shi teach urges again and again, "Li Bai " just spit from inside the mouth " the bright moon before the bed is smooth, doubt is the frost on the ground " these two, carried on the back downward no longer.
"Li Bai's winebowl came up, drank wine to just can carry a poem on the back. " Zhang Shi teach takes out a bottle of beer, fell to was in " Li Bai " in the small dish that drinks water. Saw wine come, "Li Bai " came immediately spirit, jump down to be drunk at a heat. "Drank, carry the poem on the back. " one's voice in speech of Zhang Shi teach just fell, "Li Bai " will " static night is thought of " 4 one word does not leak carried on the back. Next, zhang Shi teach lets with same way again " Du Fu " carried on the back " the ode gets Gu Yuan grass to send off " .

"Choosing good bird is crucial "

"Difficulty of conversation of training hill myna is very great, it is the Tang poetry that the back rhymes what is more,the rather that, difficulty is more great. " teach says the Zhang Shi that comes from Hunan beneficial this world, drilled 2 many months, two hill myna can carry the Tang poetry of a poem of four lines of two 5 character on the back only. Introduce according to its, he likes as a child with avian contact with, like to raise some of puppy, still can take them to classroom sometimes, endured the criticism of many teachers for this, fostered his domesticate to raise avian interest and base however.
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