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With birthday Nanning with the motherland 900 people name " National Day "
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The reporter manages a system to get data from municipal population information, at present whole area shares 288 thousand much person to was born on October 1, light is Nanning city has 39 thousand much person and new China are the same as birthday. In whole area " National Day person " in the center, 7147 people name " National Day " , nanning city also has 900 people to be called " National Day " .

Go up century 60 time " National Day " much

The reporter leafed through the hot line record that comes 4 days, there are 30 much people to be called in the reader that sign up " National Day " . From these " National Day person " a few interesting information also can see in giving unripe date. In this 30 much people, be born in last centuries of 60 time have 19 people, it is to appear " National Day " maximum time. Was born 1966 " National Day " tell a reporter, "National Day " , " found an army " , " found a state " the times characteristic that waiting for a name is that time, very common. Because await new China to be in in those days,grow period, these names placed the people hope to the country.

Nevertheless, the talent that does not think to have that time only likes to cry " National Day " , in the hotline that receives in the reporter, a few " the child that 21 centuries are born " also be named by parents " National Day " . The son that a father was born 2000 for him signed up, this child of 8 years old is named by parents " National Day " . In everybody's impression, "The child that 21 centuries are born " the name since parents always is cudgel one's brains for, of the graph is to do sth unconventional or unorthodox, extraordinary, classics regular meeting uses a few rare words that use rarely at ordinary times. But this father says, hope to the name since the child can significant, have commemorative sex, be born in National Day this day is a thing that has commemorative sense very much.

"National Day person " do not be afraid of heavy name

Had was born on October 1 this common characteristic, the happening of homonymic of the same surname odds rises high. The reporter discovers in hot line record, sign up " National Day person " in the person that has many homonymic of the same surname. In the time of individual character of this be particular about, "National Day " can the name with a such occurrence quite high probability bring a worry to the host of the name?

Was born 1957 " National Day " say to the reporter, he is very satisfactory to his name, because let a person easily remember, and annual birthday has a lot of person to be celebrated together with oneself. The most important is, national Day this time is too important, cannot a selfishly this name possess oneself of, the sense that shares with everybody is quite good.

Another " National Day " told about the fun that concerns with birthday and name first. She tells a reporter, when attending a college, the National Day is to be in the school to follow those who abandon friend to pass together. Have a year on October 1 that day, she rises early in the morning, discover the roommate is absent, she feels very strange: So early dry what went? Arrived afternoon, roommates came back one by one, when taking the door each, say to her " birthday is happy " , put a gift before her next. Be in when her strange everybody is how knowing is her when birthday, a word of the roommate revealed truth: You cry " National Day " , birthday is the National Day of course. She says, the most unforgettable that time birthday is " National Day " this name brings to her.
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