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The dumpling shop that Han Geng opens names " wintersweet "
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A few days ago, on the golden eagle part that Han Geng is taking the assorted SJ-M that he is in to appear in Changsha to hold, the situation that appears several times in this city is same before still following him, got " age meal " (name of its vermicelli made from bean starch) approximately mad enthusiastic support, impetus is afraid with the old brand such as Na Ying, Sun Nan singer photograph is compared also is not Huang lets more. The reporter has asked one is born in the age meal 1988, why the person that if this is breathtaking,he has is angry, gotten answer is, his experience very let the person is touched and be invigorated, this is probably " 85 hind " what understand " struggle " . Recently, the reporter is in of an age meal guide next visitting the two dumpling inn that Han Geng is mom to leave in Beijing, for the spectator that understands Han Geng very to resembling a reporter be not so, he is in the two dumpling shop that Beijing opens, should be the shortcut of the road that goes understanding a such northeast big boys how to be on God.

The one's previous experience of poor

Inn name is taken from " wintersweet is sweet come from bitter cold "

To remind his mother and daughter took a lot of pain

The dumpling shop that Han Geng opens has two, left the first on July 26, 2007 in district of city of a compound of sand of street of Beijing Xidan Beijing University the big alley on the west, name " wintersweet dumpling " , the reporter walks into alley to walk about the same 200 meters, just discover so the small shop with an outside ordinary a bit, if not be the photograph that storefront hangs Man Hangeng on wall, do not have method couplet completely to think of to this is " star cafeteria " . The 2nd storefront a little better, be in Beijing at leaving on April 8 this year restful li of crossing north, name " house of wintersweet family dumpling " .

The reporter asks the age that heads a group the meal, why inn name should be used " wintersweet " , gotten explanation very stir, it is Han Geng Zaihan country allegedly " struggle " when, often go to place one names likewise " wintersweet " dumpling eats in dumpling house, in order to see the pain of lovesickness, waited for oneself to have economic actual strength, can set up shop when, recall his suffering and think over the source of present happiness immediately, took same name. Nevertheless, another explanations have age Mom very much however poetic flavour, she reads aloud an ancient poetry before the reporter: Wintersweet is sweet come from bitter cold. "I and Han Geng Xiwang use this name to remind his, mother and daughter took a lot of pain before, too not easy. " (note: Age meal reminds a reporter, do not carry Han age father before age Mom, because stick in the talk that Han Geng leaves other from young father and mother, although be done not have all the time,had gotten confirming. )

Struggle hardly

Korea company is in charge of severely, his it doesn't matter money
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