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How does Japanese name with the Chinese character
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After the child is born, the first thing of common people home is the name since busy move. Be in Japan, average new life having a name is to be in be born two weeks in, and royalty is to be in the 7th day when be born. Allegedly this consuetudinary with archaic new student die young after be born rate is too high about. In Japanese name, chinese word held very large proportion, have a good meaning to let a name, the parent is cogitative, spend on two weeks to also be divided nevertheless a bit.

Give a name should " patience behead 6 will "

When common Japanese is born, give a name, having trival regulation. On the tradition, the name of Japanese uses a Chinese character generally, the Japanese pronunciation that just begins to a few compare trendy person to use name of Euramerican and commonly used English after World War II makes his name.

Give a name with the Chinese character, can want in Japan " patience behead 6 will " . Alleged 5 close, the name that those who point to is the child must be accorded with " 5 case " , namely total squares formed by crossed lines -- of declare publicly lifetime auspicious; Character -- the disposition ability that report hopes, ask to be able to control fierce use; Ground squares formed by crossed lines -- accord with the pair of health, pursuit that waits in safety; Weather pattern -- must not conflict with ancestral fate; Outside case -- with located outside ambient is harmonious. "6 will " it is a certain number of auxiliary regulation, because all sorts of accounts cannot be used in the name,be like dry Chinese character for instance, resemble actor, ease, rare etc. The adds to make a few traditions of Japanese auspicious again name that communicates external in recent years contained ominous meaning, for instance " emerge big " it is the name that has imposing manner very much originally, but pronunciation lets English country listen come even if " Youdie " (go dead) , come so, japanese gave a name to become the job of a heavy and complicated.

Japanese learned person can seek a word from the five classics of the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) , everyman from " part of 10 thousand leaves " (ancient poetry classics of Japan) on seek a word. Generally speaking, in boy name often some includes fierce, letter, a man of virtual and ability, male, husband, protect etc. The girl has love, fine, respect, scene, one is added from the back " child " . Boy name " Wu Fu " , " Wu Nan " , have the feeling of kind of Wu Yong. Family hopes the child can live in that way like the cavalier, have belief, responsible feeling. "Letter " , " protect " wait for a word to take a concept seriously relatively, let the child have sincere letter.

If watch the daughter's morality very again, can name " letter child " . "Scene " it is the meaning that has prospect greatly, often also use the picture with pretty appearance, it is girl appropriative word.

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