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"Farsighted ala " enterprising cries board the mainstream
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The 2nd acting Mazda6 names " farsighted ala " , will appear on the market at the beginning of next year. Open this world to photograph

Yesterday, one steam horse amounts to a car to sell limited company oneself (one steam horse amounts to the following abbreviation oneself) hold a press conference, announce the 2nd acting Mazda6 with " farsighted ala " the fly brigade that renown open is in China.

The competition that this one act means day to fasten car brand to be in China will be more intense, in will giving country at the same time, advanced car market is brought brand-new picture.

Developmental ZOOM-ZOOM concept

The 2nd acting Mazda6 the issuance of farsighted ala name, indicating its are homebred change the job to begin to enter timing phase, this new car will appear on the market in bright the beginning of the year, first appearing on the market model platoon quantity is 2.5L, decide a high end of car of Yu Zhonggao class, the price is in 200 thousand yuan of above. One steam horse amounts to vise general manager to say at Hong Jiang oneself, the 2nd acting Mazda6 names farsighted ala, basically be to be formed with generation Mazda6 valid area is lain between. Because, the design concept of generation Mazda6 is " ZOOM-ZO0M " , market of main attack fractionize; The design concept of the 2nd acting Mazda6 is " developmental ZOOM-ZOOM " , each respect waits in value of product function, class, brand, apparent prep above generation Mazda6, of its main attack is medium market of mainstream of advanced car high end.

With " developmental ZOOM-ZOOM " to design a concept, farsighted wing continued the figure of the athletic performance with generation outstanding Mazda6 and high-tech, go up in this foundation, blended in more convenience, safer, more the design concept of environmental protection, devote oneself to to make " put an end to traffic accident " car. It is being used more of the automobile body of atmosphere vogue and appearance, deployed brand-new engine, the rich Yuan Chao that its configure generation Mazda6, maintain at the same time carried on this series model to hold charge the good point with superexcellent sex, expand in the car that be the same as class further " the king of tortuous path " hold charge lead dominant position.

Refresh market fixed position differentiates mode

The market fixed position of domestic tradition differentiates mode cent is used for public business affairs and illicit, but this kind differentiates when mode already was passed. One steam Ma Zida thinks the market differentiates mode should with driving experience is a standard, the use demand of mature novice and veteran, undertake brand-new market fractionize according to the distinction of novice and veteran, and farsighted ala is a novice leave save worry, veteran leaves so that be full of good car of passion.

The largest window of farsighted ala is to drive convenience sex, OK and wraparound for " drive 0 difficulty, jockey 0 difficulty " . It uses shift gears to dial piece, reach new-style human nature to change man-machine interface CF-Net, will of all kinds commonly used switch is centered on steering wheel, the key-press that when driving, should go up to steering wheel only undertakes be operatinged simply, when can realizing drive a vehicle of the person that drive " 0 move, hand does not leave the line of sight steering wheel " .
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