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Ride a riverside 5 hours to finish name the task to dare ask bridge honour surna
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Arrive from equipment pond river lotus harbor bridge, the distance of 28 kilometers. Yesterday, cost 5 hours, the drove motorcade to finish name extraction the bridge smoothly stay away from home of 25 people.

To take bridge name, break up " family property accumulated over a long time " make a material

Yesterday morning much at 7 o'clock, by bike round team member people early will to newspaper of short for Zhejiang Province wait. The age in them is many 70 the biggest years old, the smallest 20 odd, have a retired worker, still have the student that firm university graduates.

Ride this row, everybody's equipment but many, old person of old prosperous gold takes camera to take camera again again, he says to want to pat next on the way scene and bridge. Uncle of another old birthday spring searched his old a copy kept as a record, this old a copy kept as a record is the about Hangzhou bridge information that he gathered 17 years, attendant citizens browse at the same time sigh with emotion at the same time: "Resembled attending a class of Hangzhou old bridge afresh really. " old uncle says, oneself leave when 18 years old had ship, just retire to 61 years old. Taking ship journey north and south, look most is the bridge, the most sentient to the bridge.

Still have a team member of severe red red, specially gets online check " red Lou Meng " bridge name puts the bridge name in and travel road on-line in the mobile phone, she says to inspiration can be aroused when these are writing bridge name.

I am the witness person of new bridge

The first station is equipment pond river and go up the boundary of pond river. Had not arrived by the side of the bridge, everybody cries excitedly rose. Name of the first bridge is given in come, "Bridge of bridge of Ping Huiqiao, peace, pond of He Huiqiao, peace... " the name looks multifarious, but most person is felt followed a pattern, because here stands by peaceful village, brilliant years village, be taken so namely according to local place name, everybody explains say, bridge name is the most important is the action that wants sign having the land.

What the 2nd station comes is forge iron shuts the bridge around. Forge iron shuts this place, the citizen in the team is familiar with very, they feel to have historical literary quotation " back up " , still be forge iron Guan Qiao is the most appropriate.

Arrived to answer Long Gang, the Yang Xiong that bought a house in boreal scene garden be good at see new bridge is very excited, "I am the witness person here, this place is looked at to become high-rise from slimy ground previously, the bridge that sees a Long Gang now has been built, beauty of river side outlook rises, I take a walk along river side after can have happy feeling very much. I take a walk along river side after can have happy feeling very much..

The edge finds fault, the edge misses good key point

Trace comes over, team member people besides name extraction the bridge, initiative still ground should have supervisor, to circuit advise travels on this water, give good idea. Arrived Du Jiahe, team member people see so tall arch bridge is very surprizing, but go toward Qiaoshangyi, discover the bridge floor that lays with block is bad to go, zhao uncle concern of 71 years old says: "Park of city north sports is after here inside, if some girls wear high-heeled shoes, one does not take care to be able to boil. " after discovering this problem, team member people the construction personnel that follows place offerred an opinion, hope they can be improved one time.
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