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The author of Chinese character---Cang Jie
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Chinese Chinese character is the world go up the oldest and the written language that still using at present, it regards the Chinese nation as the carrier of civilization history, showed the history with brilliant 5000 an ancient name for China. Those who experience face past dynasties is ceaseless and perfect, by inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty seal, be subordinate to, careless, travel, model the formation that waits for all sorts of different chirography, abounded its stipple structure and content, made use rises more convenient, use range is more wide. "Long-term since, the Chinese character is right Chinese nation, and even the development of whole the Chinese nation, produced tremendous effect to the development of Chinese unity and its economy, culture. To domestic minority character make, the Chinese character offerred the model for painting that draw lessons from, be like the article of the Western Xia regime on the history, Qidan article, the character components radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries that is Chinese character of have the aid of contrives. Japanese anonym, also be the empty sea of monk of Japan of time of government of Chinese the Tang Dynasty regular script according to the Chinese character, running hand, cursive wait for character components to contrive. The country of Chinese periphery is like Vietnam, Korea, Korea to wait, ever also used the language of nation of Chinese character minute book for a long time. Up-to-date the traditional culture that these countries make fun of him research (wait for) like medicine of; of the history, literature, want to read their ancient codes and records, learn a Chinese character even. Ton so, han Wen word is the ligament that people of our country every nationality unites greatly, it is implementation motherland the main bridge of unified, stimulative China and friendly intercouse of world each country.