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Yangzhou small shop names " 2 hundred five "
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Compare reporter of melon seeds of " fool " to discover when Yangzhou is interviewed oneself, this city new a slap-bang shop that open business takes unisonant name unexpectedly " 2 hundred five " ! This restaurant is characteristic with managing " of " manual face, one is written have 2 hundred of " five the advertisement lamp box of manual face " is very marked. Inn boss Ms. Zheng tells a reporter, she every do not shine every day with respect to knead dough, want to keep kneading two hours, because be afraid that the sweat that goes up personally drips to go up in dough, go up to wear an unlined garment only personally in the winter, and summer wraps a body with big towel. One the world comes, lumbar acid back aches, time grows have to arthritis. Ms. Zheng says she is honest " is too stupid " , cannot work other, can do this only, feel oneself are a " of " a stupid person really occasionally, then flat take inn name for " 2 hundred five " . Be in to " of " a stupid person consuetudinary the meaning that go up, ms. Zheng still is laughing to say: "Be to there is a melon seed of ' fool ' ? The family is done so well, still call ' fool ' , I feel to call my ' of ' a stupid person also it doesn't matter! I feel to call my ' of ' a stupid person also it doesn't matter!!