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Wang Ting alarm Wu room " opens business "
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Name Zhengzhou with policeman name first yesterday, wang Ting of police station of sequence of sanded opening of bureau of golden moisture content alarm official investment uses Wu room, this also is this city the first with policeman name alarm Wu room. To celebrate this alarm the " of Wu room opens business " , dweller of area under administration comes to this early alarm Wu room entrance, the hope can be early arrive soon Wang Ting, "Had alarm Wu room, have safe feeling more. "Yesterday afternoon, wang Ting of clean and orderly police station of sanded opening sequence alarm before Wu room welcomes resident of area under administration formally, will handle affairs. Besides service project of the regulation, wang Ting alarm Wu room still has an additional job---The side supports especially tired family. In the activity afternoon, joy shares allied leaf to also come to the spot with the colleague. This alliance passes Wang Ting, found especially tired side to help object plum luck up, this also is the first especially tired family that discovers through the policeman, wang Ting still is hired to be " of " love coach by this organization. Why alarm the name that Wu room uses Wang Ting? Wang Ting explains, according to the relevant spirit of the Ministry of Public Security, particularly outstanding, in the policeman with the particularly high prestige in people, can be with its name alarm Wu room. Bureau of golden moisture content is behaved according to its, just with this. Wang Ting says, this alarm of Wu room let oneself have more sense of responsibility and pressure. It is reported, wang Ting has the honor to win Henan to save bodyguard of outstanding youth of police of fine people of fine people police, whole nation, China to wait for multinomial honorary title early or late.