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Student name is rare all kinds of strange things
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The teacher call-overs to want to turn over lexical   to identify student name to because the name is rare,must turn over   of big decline sea unexpectedly, the king 湉 that itself is a teacher 20 come for years, touch in the life, study went up to bother a thing not less. When the university entrance exam, king 湉 did not find seat all the time, finally according to take an examination of date to check a seat, see examinee information full name however one column is " king " unexpectedly. How does the name have a surname to there is a name only? Interrogative, the mood of the exam also suffers an effect greatly. The trouble is more than still these, because the name is rare, the teacher when attending class call-overs rarely let her answer a question. "On report or classmate collection, the name always is hit into word of ' of ' not care at all. "Before   two days, reporter and friend king Mr. 湉 meet, meet she says: "One's deceased father take an examination of you, does ' contented × learn ' of Rui of × of Liu of ' of Po ' , Kun of ' history × , ' ... can you read these names on the spot come out? Tell you, this is the name of the 3 grade pupil that my this semester just took, the dictionary is taken to check before I call-over, still do not know to many lose face otherwise! "She says, these names some not only scarce, still be a variant form of a Chinese character, also hit with computer namely do not come out. She plaints these students also are met in the future and many troubles can be faced like her. Teacher of Zhang Hua sea this year many years old 40, in teach of rural elementary school, having experience of elementary school teaching. Say when accepting a reporter to interview: "Some earlier year, these are done not have in the student's name, call × beautiful, × basically to just waited. But some closer year, the student's name had the change of essential sex, not only rare word is much, and it is two each other are together without the word collect of connection mostly, representing a kind of special significance, otherwise consults a dictionary, tired dead you also are guessed do not come out. "  this semester, mr. Zhang takes one year again, he comes to the school two days ago, should come from the Dean's office student list, he prepared sea of ancient Chinese dictionary, big decline to wait dozen battle ahead of schedule. "Some words strokes is being bothered, do not employ old dictionary to be not checked. For instance this name, wei of day of ' calling × (w e i ) ' , the explanation in the dictionary is ' light very fill ' , if I am not checked ahead of schedule, the affirmation when call-overing is fie-fie. "Mr. Zhang says. In holding the position of government office city, learn tall Mr. Qiu of one classmaster also has encountered such awkwardness, she learned two trick with the fellow worker that has experience later, true still canal uses: "I give the first class on the new student again now, let basically learn ' of inborn ' self introduction, can add the harmonious atmosphere between the classmate not only, in case there is rare word in his name, I still can contrast dot register is written down secretly. It is call-over, also take forbidden name to be jumped over, ask again finally: Who to read aloud? He can stand up actively naturally the name on the newspaper. "  chooses rare name   to begin introduction of policeman of division of police station census register according to state of big talk city to avoid to weigh a name, with rare word basically be to avoid to weigh a name, because weigh a phenomenon now very general, often from census register a full name is inputted on special computer, can appear in big talk only the about a hundred person that weigh a name to on 1000 therefore. And a few teachers are analysed, great majority parent is in when child word, turning over a dictionary to rise. The account that they take rare name has 3: It is look in a few parents, the more ancient, the word that slant, representing culture more, remove a few " to the child black the name of " , representing the culture details of own extraordinary; 2 it is to be afraid that the child and others weigh a name, seek a few not not common, commonly used words as far as possible so; 3 it is to show extraordinary. The 2 grade at the beginning of middle school of big talk Hai Wei some classmaster Mr. Zhang Wenwen says, there are two female classmates to be called Zhang Yan in him class, for unapt promiscuous, with respect to the basis height call his " of cliff of Xiaozhang of " of " big Zhang Yan, " respectively. There is one in another class male one female two students call Zhang Qi, the hat often wants when the teacher quizs with " of female Zhang Qi of " of " male Zhang Qi or " , after waiting for the full name above originally, the exercise of these students that weigh a name also should be tagged on " is big, small " or " male, female " is distinguished with showing. This brings inconvenience to student itself, the job that also gives a teacher brings trifling trouble. Big talk learns student pony to tell a reporter in Hai Wei, oneself just went up first temporarily the teacher call-overs when reading aloud " of " Wang Wei, there is two unexpectedly on the class male one female in all " of 3 " Wang Wei stands up at the same time answer, the whole room burst into laughter of whole class classmate, do 3 people are very awkwardly, the teacher uses 1 of " Wang Wei later, 2, 3 " undertake distinguishing. Weigh a brought inconvenience and trouble with the person to decrease, also inside information to make the child's name literate, so a lot of parent think oneself clever embed rare and unusual Chinese character in the name. Took a name to check king of basis of   of a lot of book Introduction 湉 , the reporter met peaceful lady. The reporter is in big talk city 16 days midday as it happens of doorway of 25 elementary school encounters her to receive the child to come home. The child of peaceful lady calls Qu of " forest × " , it is the student of king Mr. 湉 . The reporter asks: "How does the last word read aloud your child name, what meaning be? "After she tells a reporter pronunciation and meaning, say: "The name is parents gives child lifetime the most precious gift. "Say according to her, pick this name 10 come the individual was spent for a long time, consulted a lot of book just decides. "Basically be to want to take significant as different as others name. "And Ms. Li that the child lives in Chang Jiang in 25 elementary school likewise also collect comes over to tell a reporter, take a good name to give a son, family person is in " new China dictionary " on pitch on word of " of 彧 of a " , means has literary grace to have knowledge, also can avoid to weigh a name so, kill two birds with one stone. Blame parents takes " to blame 25 elementary school of city of big talk of " name   6 grade are being contained in the full name of a classmate the word that does not come out is made in a computer, she tells a reporter, the father that this word is her is being held in the arms " Kang Xi dictionary " work laboriously is checked. Acquire junior high school as a child nevertheless, first time sees her classmate or the teacher always reads aloud this word " triumphant " , this brought many trouble for her. She tells a reporter, she hates parents a bit sometimes, why on earth so eventful, take the name into in that way, bring trouble to her. She plans to change this word into unisonant " happy " .
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