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The name is interesting talk (tea-booth)
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[origin: People net - the People's Daily is abroad edition]   Chinese is special cultured to the name, especially cultural worker. Besides the name that uses always at ordinary times and surname, still have the name of word, date. And date can be divided again for from date, date, alias is waited a moment. Ancient time has fame meritorious person, after dying, past contact has number of a Shi. Word and date, it is in the category of the name. Take late clear great scholar for Zhang Zhi hole, he is surnamed piece, the hole of the name, word filial piety is amounted to, sign is welcome billows; Middleaged later, from date crock fair, date does not have contest lay Buddhist; Old age date embraces glacial old person. No matter you call his hole or filial piety to amount to, no matter your appellation his crock is fair still having contest lay Buddhist is to point to Zhang Zhi him hole is undoubted. Additional, because of county of the skin austral province of Heibei of his ancestral home, also call him so south skin. His sign is welcome billows, hold the position of the commander in chief that Sino-French war is when two wide governors, have person again so its are sweet handsome. His official comes to be tasted, call him Zhang Zhongtang, nature also is very appropriate. Movement of his clear to evening civil fortune country has big assist, so Qing Ting is after he is dead, grant especially assist of Shi sign language. Come so, when comer writes late clear history after, if mention Zhang Wenxiang, that also is another kind of appellation of Zhang Zhi hole. There is much information in these appellation, careful reader can see his one's previous experience, native place, position and even moral, merit from which. Go to again scrutiny, the interest that still can appreciate knowledge, manner that be an upright person still has abstruse philosophic theory even. Put old factitious routine on the ice in order to hold in the arms, those who take is the idea that " winter embraces glacial summer to grasp igneous " . Point to namely the more frozen winter, I should be close to biting ice and snow the more; Be in the more burning hot summer, I should stand by flaming burner the more. Sheet understands from literal, is this typical a stupid person? Actually otherwise, it reflected the knowledge of Zhang Zhi hole, conduct oneself in society actively to give birth to a manner assiduously from the person of exert oneself, the profundity that still has pair of life is comprehended. Each individual vivid on earth, be unavoidable to want to have a rough time. A lot of pain can be not avoided, must face actively. And should do important matter line of business one time, should face incomputable hardships and risk more. These hardships and danger, resemble the live charcoal of the ice and snow in the winter, summer, be terrified by the sight of sth or sb making a person, want to be far from. Dan Mingzhi's person can discover after historical vicissitudes of life, inactive passivity cannot solve a problem at all, can make unfavorable situation worse only. As such as its, challenge difficulty as active actively. No matter success or failure, tried hard to also do not have regret. Zhang Zhi hole has such life attitude. This life manner accords with the order of nature again, the adj philosophic theory of contain oppose each other but also complement each other. Say Li Shu is the same as besides, he became a monk or nun later, the great that becomes your person to respect one Great Master. No matter Li Shu still is great together one, these two names are person place is hep. Nevertheless, li Shu still has a name together, call 21 old people. Li Shu explains with oneself: "What calls ' ' of 21 old people? This has the ground of myself. Remember the ancients having a verse: Person of ' accomplish nothing gradually old. Village of the Wu Mei at the beginning of ' Qing Dynasty (great exploit) mortal absolutely life poem has: ' utterly worthless why disappear says. ' the begin of these two poems is ' one ' word, so I use the name that makes my, call ' ' of 21 old people. "Read these words, which reader can say to there is knowledge inside this, without life manner, is there philosophic theory? Good name is too much, lift lift deeply. Some names although in a popular style, but consider, will surely guess the times that gives birth to to him surely. Although the name is a symbol only, but because the connection with the person is close close, the sense is so great not common. Nevertheless, must rise name superstition, think the strokes number of the name can decide one the individual's destiny even, this is a bit dull, blame wisdom person be.
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