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Alarm Wu room names with policeman name, one police station catchs big talk repu
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"Alarm the ' of ' small police station that Wu room is door mouth, handle affairs not only went to the lavatory, the feeling is safer also. "Live in a masses with big talk street Zhongshan to say gladly. Police station of Zhongshan of substation of public security of big talk Long Hua takes the lead in with policeman individual name alarm Wu room appears, got local masses namely reputably. The reporter understands, still will be inside near future of big talk police inside whole town limits popularize this kind energetically alarm Wu room. There is policeman sit back and wait to handle a case before basic level police station, get tired of payable state, caused police station to become " of small office of a " . Public security bureau of big talk city said yesterday about chief, differentiate science of police station of area under administration for many alarm Wu room, undertake with policeman name, this not only solved afore-mentioned problems, still was in buy of policeman of area under administration of masses supervise under. Meanwhile, with policeman name alarm the near future of practice of " advanced " of Wu room still will be in whole town public security mechanism is carried out in the round.