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Famous brand includes him brand name
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be willing to part with or use sells Peicibu stealthily substitute one thing for another want extraordinary, brand is the service that increase a cost absolutely. Luyiweideng (Louis Vuitton) the brand that opens large store to offer sex of extremely rich souvenir; The Muse bag of YSL sell like hot cakes also invites Marco of Italian professional master to offer brand to serve, make precious bag more unique. The bag sells the Muse of YSL so that frighten to frighten cry, the nocturnal " specially of breeze of " of square of the breeze at the beginning of this year May invites Great Master of Italian embossing craft to wrap model of written characters of the master English that print for Muse, the service that increase a cost comes on stage once more, marco Arnone of big mustache master jumps over faith inn, Kaohsiung to establish general merchandise of Yi power red to be in charge of brand greatly in Xin Guangsan. Do not look down upon hot bake in a pan this program, although have 3 only, 4 English letter, arrange, the control of temperature should take care, in case crooked, heat hurt a bag, thing but big, so leather embossing master is gotten professional, attentive.