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There is their name on long march monument
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Today, when the origin when spirit of our dug long march and connotation, effect that analyses long march spirit and meaning, have to mention those special female people. In the time that allows a woman to cannot go away in the war, it is the human body of the flesh and blood that they use themselves, build a long march spirit together with the men beside this lofty monument. They are combatant in red all quarters in face army, have group of independence of a woman. This supports the army of battle of gallant be apt to, go to be hit all the way all the way, stand left illustrious meritorious military service. Cooperating brunt to assault in the action that sword door involves, red group of independence of woman of four front army is attacked inside 3 days two broke down the enemy the aggression of a brigade. Be in the area of miscellaneous cereal Nao of Chinese Tibet live together, woman independence is round active plead on sb's behalf, the requirement annihilates by the bandit of get together of local minority tribal chief. They surround bandit in temple of a Lama, rely on trench to firing inside the temple. The bandit that is surrounded a few outward break out of an encirclement, be beaten back. To destroy the enemy thoroughly, liu Guoying of female company commander is risking life danger, had developed the enemy's fire net, put pack of dynamite before the cloister door of lock, scamper opened an entrance door. Female soldiers jump out trench, develop cloister, dense bandit is eliminated thoroughly, and capture large quantities of commissariat, cloth, salt. In size Jin Chuan takes an action in, ten female soldiers are surrounded 3 times by the enemy, play grain absolutely, the monitor throws last grenade enemy group, all soldier is hallooing " Koes jump of " of banzai of Chinese Communist of Kuomintang " , " plunges in the river, brave die for one's country. In March 1937, after Xi Lujun passes many days of 40 bloody battle with Ma Jiajun in river westing corridor, disastrous, xi Lujun ministry of commander in chief, 9 army, 30 army with the woman independent group is surrounded. Woman independence group requests a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively, covering leading cadre and brunt troops withdraw. such, the female soldier that left, get 5 hair bullet only each,