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Name for the doggie earned 100 yuan easily
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Mark of the contest on the net in the home, I earned nearly 10 thousand yuan September! "Yesterday, he Miao introduces profitable standard of " of " power guest. The transliteration that power guest is English Witkey (meaning the key that is wisdom) , adopt a certain platform that provides on Internet (like power guest net, power guest group) , await enterprise, individual to release production project, arrive greatly outside the project bag, small arrive for pet, lowest of amount of offer a reward 100 yuan, "Power guest " but contest mark gets money reward. " of vivid net of entry " illicit, the reporter discovers number the project of offer a reward of 130: Lady of fierce prosperous king is pet dog word, make a price 100 yuan, the requirement is Orphean, special. Finally, he Miao is a name with "QQ" , admire 100 yuan. Yin Liang of stationmaster of station of power guest Wuhan expresses, "Power guest " earns money reward, want to pay intermediary fee to the website. Employer releases a project is to be pet, child, commodity more, the plane such as commodity mark designs a project, most contest mark person did not win the bid up to now.