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How should the name that wants to change booklet of registered residence to go u
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● Ms. Feng Zecai: The name on my booklet of registered residence is wrongly written or mispronounced characters, id is registered according to booklet of registered residence, want to change, where should go to, how to deal with? Morning paper hot line 106 answer: The adult changes a name, ms. Cai can fill out a form to the police station of seat of registered permanent residence application. Concerned proof should be taken when application, the account that and offer changes, decide to whether be approved again. Ms. Chen installs south ● : Child two one full year of life, had run registered permanent residence, want to change a name now, how to change? Morning paper hot line 106 answer: Wait for a child to want to go up when elementary school signs up, the name that wants to be changed to the child with Ms. Chen signs up, take one's status as a student to block local police station to apply for to change a name again.