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What does the baby change a name to need to notice?
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Miss Wang is firm this year in January " upgrades " became mother, glad encountered a problem when the child applies for a resident permit however, she refers a telephone call for this dozen. Be aimed at the problem that like Miss Wang such young father and mother may face, the reporter consulted concerned branch. After infantile king young lady is delivered of baby son, be in be born " of next " leisure time are filled to serve as a name on card; When applying for a resident permit to the son, want to change a name additionally for the son however, unexpectedly however of the accused: The name on infantile number of households and total population must be mixed be born the name on card is uniform. Miss Wang is born to hospital modification son the name on card, did not obtain likewise allow. The reporter confirms from concerned branch: The name that the baby applies for a resident permit must be born with its the name on card. After signing up for registered permanent residence, if the child wants to change a name again, must be in he (her) year the report is hit to offer application to concerned branch before 16 one full year of life completely, the ability after getting approving is incognito, and, incognito word must want to have special reason. Accordingly, concerned branch reminds young father and mother: When the hospital gives the baby that just was born the word must careful. Basis of infantile number of households and total population shows a provision, the registered permanent residence after the child is born can follow any one party in parents, but census register of urban district of be confined to and public figure of record of environs blame farmer, do not include provincial town census register and environs agriculture population. If both sides of husband and wife has any one party not to accord with a condition, so, the child's registered permanent residence can follow a mother only. The registered permanent residence of Miss Wang is in Pudong, the registered permanent residence of her sweetheart is in Yang Pu, so, the registered permanent residence of her son can sign up for already also can sign up for in Pudong in Yang Pu.