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The most perfect method that the company gives a name
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Speak of company, enterprise, shop giving a name, a lot of people think, it is the person of 99% can think even, it is OK that the number that should add up all word should add up all word only has managed. This kind gives a name law already by great majority give a name division is used. (what everybody can see great majority is easy learned a website to know) this is one the poorest kind gives a name law, far from effective.

The full name that develops the near future learns, also can perfect stage by stage. Give a name like a the following kind method, come down in other website cento:

One, the happy event in affirmatory controller character 8 uses the five elements of character of the five elements, full name to figure reason

2, pattern of type of affirmatory management project, product, company, place belongs to the five elements

3, choose glyph, strokes to count manage to give birth to the five elements that supports management project.

4, brief be born to all be with name and photograph of full name the five elements become famous the several manage of abundant money

5, name full name to must be born with chief character the five elements help up, aid

6, name with decorous, resonant, compendious Yi Jifeng grand course of study is money principal

Above gives a name this kind law or very not perfect.

1, still use 5 case method (squares formed by crossed lines of weather pattern, character, ground, outside case, total squares formed by crossed lines) , 5 case law is very much already was proved accuracy rate is low, still use. Had used 10 standard now! Exquisite and acquired pattern, still use 5 standard?

2, if can cooperate the place of enterprise, company or shop to belong to the five elements,be best, but the problem is a name the should most important is to cooperate a life advocate of each one with the god. Person in Fortune's lap when what to do to make money easily. If walk along bad luck, calculate you to make pair of trades, also be meeting lose money in business.

3, the several manage of abundant money often do not cooperate a life advocate with the god, are the several manage of that abundant money useful? Used really with respect to exchequer billow?

Actually of above give a name the law still did not tell a real reason to come, act well not easily also of course.

Because company, enterprise, shop gives a name with the individual,differ, want cent to be clear that what is the most important so, what is less important. Among the article that writes in me, my general " several manage " after the platoon must be compared, because we want to understand,be " several " it is to do not have absolutely " auspicious is counted " " with " fierce number " . Have below any circumstances " , negative " of two sides sex, be you only accept or reject different just. Why a lot of " celebrity " " wealthy person " have in the full name " fierce number " but showed this very successfully still " several " problem.
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